Reflectix HVSPW0202506 R4.2 HVAC Double Reflective Spiral Pipe Wrap Insulation - Standard Edge, 2" x 25 Ft

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Reflectix HVSPW0202506 Reflective Insulation

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About Reflectix HVSPW0202506 R4.2 HVAC Double Reflective Spiral Pipe Wrap Insulation - Standard Edge, 2" x 25 Ft

Reflectix reflective radiant barrier insulation is the best way to turn your home into a energy efficient structure quickly, with minimal expense and installation time. The Reflectix HVSPW0202506 is your standard edge double reflective coat sheet insulation for ducts and ductwork. This seven layer insulation measures only 5/16” thick, yet provides complete radiant insulation due to the double sided aluminum foil reflective design. Reflectix technology ensures that 97% of all radiant heat is blocked, while the insulated bubble center dissipates heat rapidly, preventing any temperature build-up.

Cost Effective: Installing Reflective radiant barrier insulation is one of the most cost effective improvements you can make in your home. By using radiant barrier insulation on areas of your home including attics, around ducts, crawls paces, garages, and storage spaces, you are greatly reducing the amount of additional heating and cooling that will be needed to keep your living space in a steady, comfortable temperature. In the majority of homes, heating and cooling costs can amount for up to 50-70% of your overall utility expense.

By installing double-bubble radiant barriers in your home, you will be reflecting infrared heat back away from your home, instead of allowing it to pass through and build up inside your home. This technology helps keep your home at a much more consistent temperature, even when temperatures outside are extreme. Using Reflectix radiant barriers prevent the build-up of heat, reducing cooling costs tremendously, allowing you to operate your air conditioning a lot less frequently, for shorter intervals, not only saving money, but lengthening the life of your conditioning system.

To get the R-value, please use reference guides, R-value is dependent on your installation technique: R-4,2: Reflectix Duct Wrap loosely wrapped around ductwork, R-6.0: Reflectix Duct Wrap surrounding ductwork with a ¾” spacer gap around, R-8.0: Reflectix duct Duct Wrap with 2x ¾” spaces around the duct.

Easy to Install: When installing the Reflectix spiral wrap insulation, ensure that you overlap the material as it is rolled out onto the piping. Overlap should measure ½” minimum. To make sure your insulation stays in pace and does not allow air to pass, use the Reflectix foil tape to seal seams. To determine the number of rolls needed for your job: 1. Convert pipe measurement to inches. 2. S=(3.1416 (pie) x diameter length) then divide by 144 and that will be you total square feet. 3. Divide total square feet by unit square feet to get the total number of rolls needed. Please refer to the user/application tutorial below.

Additional Information: Manufacturer HVAC/R and Contractor Application Tutorial (R4.2) Manufacturer HVAC/R and Contractor Application Tutorial (R6) Manufacturer HVAC/R and Contractor Application Tutorial (R8) Energy Star Qualified for Residential Applications (PDF)

  • Non-toxic/non-carcinogenic
  • Fiber free
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduce heating/cooling cost
  • Reflects 97 percent radiant heat
  • Environmentally safe
  • Vapor/radon retarder
  • Cost less to install
  • Lightweight and clean
  • Not affected by moisture/humidity
  • No nesting characteristics for birds/insects/rodents
  • Resists growth of fungi, mold, and mildew
  • No need for protective garments or respirators when installing
  • Permanent and maintenance free
  • QS 9000 and ISO 9001 certified manufacturing location
  • Model Number: HVSPW0402512
  • Roll Dimensions: 2 inch x 25 Feet
  • Temperature Range: 250° Operational
  • Nominal Thickness: 5/16 inch (.312)
  • Weight: 1.25 oz./sq. ft.
  • Flame Spread Index (ASTM E 84): 20
  • Smoke Developed Index (ASTM E 84): 30
  • Fire Rating: Class A/Class 1
  • Linear Shrinkage: None
  • Reflectance (IR): 97%
  • Water Vapor Transmission (ASTM E 96): 0.02
  • Puncture Resistance: 60 lb./in.
  • Mold and Mildew: No Growth
  • Emittance: 0.3
  • Tensile Strength: 3.7 N/mm
  • Pliability: No Cracking
  • Hot Surface Performance: PassedNOTE: Not for use in direct contact on surface temperatures that are 180° F or greater
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