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Genie GIRUD-1T

Genie GIRUD-1T

Genie Intellicode Universal Garage Door Dual Frequency Conversion Kit with 3-Button Remote Control

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Before the garage door opener was invented, people had to physically lift the heavy garage door open, drive the car out of the garage, park the car and get out of it to close the door and then climb into the car once again, being able to drive away only after this cumbersome procedure was finished. What a pain, right? Garage door openers controlled by a remote unit came in very handy, saving a lot of time, reducing back strain and allowing everyone to stay in the warmth of the vehicle during foul weather.

This extremely useful invention uses fairly simple technology. There are three basic models of garage openers:

  • Chain Drives. These garage openers operated by a chain drive mechanism are the least expensive type. However, they tend to be rather noisy as they are operated by a metal trolley along with a chain. This is also the most common kind of automatic garage-opening devices.
  • Screw Drives. These systems use long, threaded screws to open the garage door. They do not require much maintenance and are quiet and moderately-priced. Since these devices open garage doors slower than other systems, they are recommended for one-piece doors that glide more smoothly when the opening speed is slow.
  • Belt Drives. Belt-drive openers use a rubber belt instead of chains or screws and are the quietest type (and also the costliest). Consider this device if your garage is close to the living area so that the noise of a garage opener does not disturb sleep.

Most models are equipped with an electronic eye and auto reverse in case something is in the way of the door—such as a person. Although garage openers come with a remote that can emit a signal for up to 150 feet, most of them also feature a keypad that will open the garage if you lose the remote or its batteries are dead. The majority of opening devices also have a release valve that will lift the door open if the power goes out.

More often than not, garage door openers are plugged into a receptacle near the unit location. However, some local codes may not accept wireless units and may require these devices to be hardwired into the circuitry.

Basically, the choice of a garage opener boils down to the location of your garage and the amount of money you are ready to spend. No matter what kind of automatic garage opener you eventually end up choosing, a garage opening device is not only extremely convenient for effortlessly lifting the door and putting it down, but is also an essential safety device, notably for people living alone.