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Wireless Recievers

Westside Wholesale’s online store offers a product line of wireless receivers by RAB lighting. The line is represented by a sound alert base station that is an additional wireless tool used along with sound alert detection system. The clients who use this extra base station have the possibility to receive alerts at several separate locations for increased additional security. Not only that, this base station can be used along with multiple sensors which provide full coverage of business or home area.

The alert base station has a wide array of outstanding features such as custom recording button, speaker volume control, six zone monitoring capability, flashing LED indicator for missed messages and many other useful features and functions.

This alert base station features a battery powered wireless transmitter which was designed weatherproof to secure reliable use in any location. The transmitter distance is 1000' for open locations and 300' range through walls.

The installation process of the base station is quick and uncomplicated, it is table or desk mounted. For wall mounting, the base come equipped with 2 screws.

The base features six-zone monitoring with self-recorded or pre-recorded messages for each zone. It records 6 messages (one per each monitoring channel) each one of 6 seconds. The base features a sensor protection from low battery including LED indicator and a special voice message that indicates which one of the 6 zones has the low battery.

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