Wireless Alarm System

We offer a range of alarm motion detectors, magnetic trip sensors, wireless alarm kits, wireless transmitters and wireless alarm accessories from Intermatic, RAB Lighting, and Visonic.

For our selection alarm motion detectors, we offer the Intermatic Motion Sensor Wireless Alarm and Sound Alert Wireless Detection Sensor.

Magnetic trip sensors on sale are Intermatic Magnetic Trip Wireless Alarm and Intermatic Magnetic Trip Wireless Alarm with Keypad.

Our wireless alarm kit selection includes the Sound Alert Talking Wireless Detection Kit, Wireless Detection System Base Station, and Visonic PowerMax+ Wireless Security System Kit.

Wireless transmitters offered are the Visonic Supervised Two-Input Universal PowerCode Wireless Transmitter, Advanced Acoustic Sensor / PowerCode, and Waterproof PowerCode Wrist Transmitter.

Wireless alarm accessories are the Visonic Wireless Repeater for PowerCode Communications and Visonic Supervised Wireless PowerCode Flood Detector.

Westside wholesale's selection of automatic motion sensors, detectors, alarms, trackers, and switches will help keep your home safe and sound.

Westside Wholesale’s priority is to give its customers a wide selection of high-quality products at the most attractive prices. To achieve this objective, the company works with renowned suppliers only. Westside Wholesale offers a product line of original wireless alarm systems from one of the industry’s known brands Intermatic. The manufacturer develops reliable alarm systems in accordance with modern innovative technologies to meet the most demanding customers’ expectations. Being on the cutting edge of innovation for over 100 years, the company is continually investing in state-of-the-art technology to improve the value of its products.

Intermatic wireless alarm systems available on Westside Wholesale at the most affordable prices, feature long service life and extended functionality. The systems are easy to use. Once installed, they provide safety, security and convenience, requiring almost no special maintenance. The product line devices are lightweight and can be easily mounted to a door or window frame with double-sided tape in just a few minutes. A 90 dB siren starts sounding out when its magnetic contact gets separated. For more convenience, some of the Intermatic alarm systems have a programmable keyboard, which requires entering a code to activate/deactivate the alarm. In addition, the systems feature independent power supply, going with three replaceable 1.5-volt button batteries. Thus, the system is always on, even if there is no electricity in the house.

Every homeowner would find it useful to have a reliable wireless alarm system, especially when the house is big enough, and it becomes difficult to hear what is going on in its far side. Not a single window or door in the house will remain uncontrolled, being continuously monitored by an Intermatic alarm system. Once an unauthorized entry is registered, the system will immediately warn you with a loud siren. Intermatic wireless alarm systems are designed to bring the mind to peace, giving a sense of security.

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