Shut-Off Valves

Westside Wholesale aims to help each customer transform its home into a more comfortable and safe place by offering high quality water supplies from industry’s leading manufacturers. This section of the store presents several Shut-Off Valves to install with all types of washing machines. Such devices are used in residential water systems to manually control water flaws in washing machine applications.

Installing a Shut-Off Valve in your system gives you the ability to easily shut the water supply off in case of an emergency. It also allows turning water on and off with an easily adjusted lever, thus giving you the complete control over water flow and pressure coming from water supply. Offered at Westside Wholesale Shut-Off Valves make sure your washing machine or other similar applications, along with their hoses, are protected from water damage that may lead to serious and very expensive reparation work if not prevented in time.

The most noticeable feature of such devices is their ability to simultaneously control cold and hot water with a single on-off lever. This simple construction provides quick access to the water flow, thus preventing it from damaging application and hoses in case some irregularities occur in the system. Westside Wholesale’s Shut-Off Valves are made of satin chrome, which is highly resistant to temperature, water and pressure.

With wide selection of various valves offered by Westside Wholesale you have the opportunity of purchasing affordable yet high quality items from industry’s leading manufacturers.

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Watts 1/2 2T-M2

Watts 1/2 2T-M2

Watts Manual Washing Machine Shutoff Valve, Brass Body

Our Price: $55.80
as low as: $51.89

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Watts 2T-M2-SC

Watts 2T-M2-SC

Watts Duo-Cloz Washing Machine Water Shutoff Valve, Satin Chrome, 1/2"

Our Price: $64.58
as low as: $60.06

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How to Select

How to shop for Shut off Valves

Shut off valves play an important role in many consumer goods. For instance, washing machines and other electric applications make use of these valves. It is important to give attention to the installation of these shut off valves, especially in a residential water system in order to reduce the risk of accidents, avoid unwanted incidents and the expense of damage. These safety shut off valves are easy to procure, and proper installation is essential for correct usage.

High quality and properly graded valves will provide full assurance and security against power or electrical failure.

There are many specifications available when selecting shut off valves. Westside Wholesale will be happy to guide the buyers through some very simple but important features of shut off valves, so that buying becomes easy and an appropriate product is chosen.

The following factors should be considered when making a purchase:

  • Safety. The first thing will consider while buying a Shut off valve is safety. Before buying valve check for its certification of standard, as it is tested and gives assurance of safety. All products stocked by Westside Wholesale meet rigorous safety requirements.
  • Auto Shut Off. Auto shut off is a feature that designed only for few appliances. This factor helps to prevent accidents due to overloading or system failure as it will automatically shut off when problems are detected. Failure to use a shut off valve can result in costly repairs.
  • Size. For a correct fit and proper usage compliance with the measures and dimensions of the device must be ensured. Standard measurements are used to ensure that parts are compatible and can be joined together. Ill-fitting parts will result in leakage and also damage to the home.
  • Usage. When selecting a valve attention must be paid to its usage. Valves are designed to operate in certain appliances and also under specific conditions. An understanding of the appliance and factors such as water pressure is very important so the correct valve is used. Plumbing specialists can assist in this decision and Westside Wholesale experts can also help will your choice.

Customers will get Watts brand shut off valves as Westside Wholesale as we are a company who only delivers high-quality from the top quality brands. People who buy from Westside Wholesale will receive many sensational offers such as discounts, free shipping and manufacturer warranty’s.