Single Zone Ductless Mini Split

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How to Select

How to select a single-zone ductless mini split

When looking for an air-conditioner for your house or office, ductless devices become the most common options of hundreds of customers. The greatest benefits they have to offer include easy and cheap installation in addition to energy efficient operation and easy maintenance. However, purchasing a single-zone ductless mini split may become the hardest shopping experience of your life. To make the process of selecting such a device easier and faster, we offer a guide that will help you chose the best air conditioning for your office or home.

The most important thing that you have to remember is that a single-zone mini split air-conditioner will cover the area of only one room. That is why it is called single in the first place. In addition to that, such type of air-conditioning devices is perfect to be installed in a space that is not connected to a central cooling or heating system, thus helping you save money on its installation.

Since the single-zone mini split devices are relatively compact, to provide the entire house with proper cooling options they should be installed in every room that requires cooling. That way, each room will have the perfect BTU coverage, without the necessity to split it between multiple areas. Now you might want to know what a BTU is. To put it simply, this is the capacity of each air-conditioner, the more the BTU, the larger is the area that the device can cool or heat. For example, the area of 300 - 350 square feet can be cooled by a device with 9.000 BTU and so on.

When you have specified the BTU and capacity of your future mini split air-conditioner, it is time to select the installation type of such device. All models that are offered today can be divided into two types: ceiling mounted and wall mounted. Despite the different installation type, both single-zone mini splits provide similar cooling options.

If you have enough space on your walls and all of the necessary wires and mounting braces can be connected to the air-conditioner, you should select a wall-mounted type. If for any reason your future single-zone mini split cannot be installed on a wall, chose a model that features ceiling installation.

The advantage of equipping your home with a single zone ductless mini split system is saving money while getting the cooling and heating options of your choice. Moreover, since each single-zone mini split system comes equipped with an independent control, you will be able to adjust the cooling, heating, ventilation and other options in every room according to your needs.