Sloan EHD-501 WHT Optima 110/120 VAC XLerator Automatic Hand Dryer, Surface Mount - White

Brand: Sloan
Model: EHD-501 WHT
Condition: New
Warranty: 5 Years
SKU: 732213
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Sloan EHD-501 WHT Hand Dryers

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About the Sloan EHD-501 WHT Optima 110/120 VAC XLerator Automatic Hand Dryer, Surface Mount – White

Restrooms are one of the most likely places to spread germs fast, especially public restrooms. The Sloan EHD-501 WHT is an automatic hand dryer that was designed to keep restrooms healthy and safe. Hands-free and easy to use, the Sloan EHD-501 WHT keeps germs at bay and stops the spread of infectious disease by not requiring users to pull any handles or touch any buttons. Simply place your hands under the infrared sensor and the Sloan EHD-501 WHT will blow out a hot gust of air that will last for a maximum of 35 seconds. It's healthy, it's easy, and it's fast!

The Sloan EHD-501 WHT works quickly to save users time and to save you money. Paper towel is often not absorbent enough to get the job done and you'll see quite the dent in your bank account when users throw away paper towel after paper towel just to get their hands dry. The Sloan EHD-501 WHT is strong and fast enough to get the job done efficiently. You'll even love the look of this product in classic white to match your bathroom theme. Don't throw your money away on any other product!

  • Automatically operates using Infrared Optical Sensor with 35-second lockout feature, it activates a strong controlled air blast
  • Residual moisture is evaporated with a warm stream of air up to 135°F/57°C
  • One-piece heavy-duty rib reinforced die cast zinc alloy housing minimizes damage to dryer in abusive environments
  • 90 percent cost savings vs. paper towels
  • Can be easily positioned to comply with ADA requirements or for juvenile height
  • Model: EHD-501 WHT
  • Order Code: 3366050
  • Color: White
  • Voltage: 110/120 VAC, 60Hz
  • Wattage: 1500 Watts
  • Amperage: 12.5 Amp
  • Series commutated, through-flow discharge, vacuum type motor/blower combination
  • Infrared Optical Sensor with thirty-five (35) second lockout feature
  • Air velocity of 16,000 LFM (linear feet per minute) at an outlet temperature of 135°F/57°C at a 72°F/22°C ambient room temperature
  • Decibel Rating of 78-80 dB
  • Heating element constructed of Nichrome wire and protected by an automatic resetting thermostat
  • One piece heavy-duty rib reinforced die cast zinc alloy housing
  • Chip-proof electrostatically-applied epoxy finish
  • Tamper-proof cover fasteners are included
  • cUL Listed
Five (5) Year Limited Warranty Through the Manufacturer
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