Smart Flex Ducting

As our online store Westside Wholesale offers only the best quality products, we have introduced a Smart flex ducting to our customers. We believe that sustaining health with nutrition and fitness are important life features, but most importantly to pay attention to the air that we breathe inside our homes and offices. An average person makes about 25000 breaths a day. With high paced lives, the person spends very little time outdoors inhaling fresh air. That is why it is essential to install only high quality Smart flex ducting in our homes and offices. The company has gained a reputation of a reliable and quality flex ducting manufacturer, and we are entitled to deliver this line of products only at the most affordable prices with the reduced shipping costs.

We offer as a primary choice to our customers a series of Smart Air and Energy solution only. Restricted airflow today may cause many problems and raise the utility bills. That is why it is essential to install only high quality flexible ducting from leading manufacturing brands that will enhance the cooling and heating efficiency while allowing to save money. The Smart flex ducting industry worked hard to create effective 90-degree duct elbow that will not cause any kinkled duct reducing airflow effect. All Smart flex ducting are made of completely recyclable materials and are fully produced in the USA.

Basic Smart Flex Ducting Features:

  • improved airflow;
  • high product efficiency;
  • produced in the USA;
  • made Green;
  • only 100% recycled materials;
  • quick installation;
  • easy-to-use and operate features;
  • less noise feature;
  • made to eliminate kinked flex ducts;
  • variety of sizes from 4 to 16 inch products;
  • ability to be installed on new or existing flex ducting;
  • elbows include 90-degree form.
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Smart 630501

Smart 630501

Smart Flow Elbow Flexible Duct Energy Upgrade Kit - 4" - 16"

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How to Select

How to select Flex Ducting

Installing flex ducting in a house is very necessary for safe and easy connection of all air ways and corners of the building. Moreover, flex ducting reduces the number of unnecessary elbows thus increasing the efficiency of the system. Selecting the necessary ducting parts and accessories is always complicated, especially for people who don’t know what to look for. This guide will help you select the best flex ducting supplies for your home.

An essential part of every ducting system is flexible duct. This is the tube that connects all of the inputs and outputs and provides space for air circulation. To know what type of such ducting you need, you have to size the flex work appropriately. Correct calculations will make the air volume flow through the system properly thus providing every room of your house with fresh air.

Square footage of each room is the first detail to calculate. Next step is figuring out the CFM rating that corresponds to the room’s area. CFM is the amount of air that is required per a square meter of the area. This means that to receive proper ventilation, a 50 square foot room will need 50 CFM of air volume. Now, to calculate the flex ducting size, use the online calculator.

When you have specified the ducting size, you may need to calculate its length if you haven’t done it previously. Simply measure the perimeter of the room or the area where the flex ducting will be installed.

The next step in selecting Flex Ducting is deciding which construction material to use. The most common types of duct materials are: vinyl coated flex, fiberglass or galvanized sheet metal. Fiberglass offers better insulation, galvanized metal is perfect for industrial and commercial installations and flex ducting features easy installation.

Selecting the right ducting fittings is crucially important. You need to ensure that such fittings are compatible with the flex ducting and in addition to that provide gap and slot free connection. If the air is slipping through the connections, more energy and money will be spent to push it through the system. To prevent such thing from happening, install your ducting and all of the additional fittings with efficiency in mind.

Special devices, such as fans, air-conditioners and coolers, provide the air circulation through the duct system of the building. To select perfect devices for your particular system, you need to pay attention to their power, safety, control options, design and quality.