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GE Smoke Alarms

Properly installed smoke alarm is often the only device that alerts you and your family members to a fire in the house thus saving you from injuries and possible deaths. That is why every residential and commercial building should have such devices. Westside Wholesale offers high quality GE Smoke Alarms that ensure safety in every room of the building. Here are the features of such devices:

  • Compatible with multiple and single station;
  • Built-in sounding device;
  • Can serve as a replacement for original 320 model;
  • Interconnectable with up to 12 appliances;
  • Eco-friendly materials used in production;
  • Each kit includes a pigtail connector;
  • Use photoelectric sensor technology;
  • Have affordable prices.

GE Smoke Alarms help enhance safety of every room of the house and ensure security of people that live in it. Such simple device as GE Smoke Alarm can save lives and valuable objects in the building. Here are some of advantages installing a Smoke Alarm offers:

  • Quick response to a potential fire. Since GE Smoke Alarms are loud, they incite quick action in response to the alarm. That way you’ll be able to dislocate the fire and oftentimes prevent it from spreading. GE Smoke Alarms also give a chance to leave the building or premises just in time to stay safe and unharmed.
  • Precise detection of fire location. This saves precious time that would otherwise be spent on locating the fire. Instead, quick fire detection helps prevent it from spreading further in the building.
  • Audible signals can be heard in every room of the house. This grabs the attention of people inside the property and allows them to take immediate actions.
  • Compact and easy to install GE Smoke Alarms can be mounted in different locations of the building. The more detectors are properly installed throughout the home, the more chances of fire being discovered in time.

Westside Wholesale offers affordable prices for every item it sells. This gives every family with average budget a chance to protect its home from fire.

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GE 320A

GE 320A

GE Smoke Alarm, 120V Hardwired & Photoelectric w/ Sounder

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How to Select

How to shop for a smoke alarm

A smoke alarm is a very essential equipment that alerts everyone inside the building about a fire or smoke in the house of office. These safety devices have already saved many lives because they can detect slow burning smoke or shouldering fire and they provide homeowners with a sense of confidence, knowing that their family and property is safe. These alarms are widely used in commercial households and they are becoming very popular for residential applications as well. In addition, it is recommended that individuals install several alarms in any house or apartment – at least one should be in every bedroom, in the living room and in the hallway.

There are a variety of smoke alarms available on the market today. There are interconnected devices that sound off simultaneously as soon as one of them detects smoke. These systems are the most immediate and therefore, they give more chance to everyone in the house to hear them and get out safely. At the same time, there are two basic types of smoke alarms such as photoelectric and ionization sensor and two varieties such as battery-operated and hardwired devices.

Photoelectric detectors use a beam of infrared light that is sent by a light-emitted diode to detect smoke or fire in the building or in the surrounding. If any particles of smoke are detected, the light is deflected towards the sensing chamber and triggers the alarm. These useful devices are the best option for living rooms, bedroom and other places where smoldering smoke is more probable than flames.

Ionization detectors have a small amount of radioactive material and an ionization chamber. The chamber consists of two plates: one plate is positive the other is negative; they produce positively and negatively charged ions and cause an electric current. When smoke occurs, it makes changes in the current and triggers the alarm. These devices respond quickly to flaming fires and they are ideal for rooms that have combustible substances located within them, such as paper or inflammable liquids.

Battery-operated smoke alarms usually use 9-volt batteries as an energy source. They are cheaper, easy to install and can be placed anywhere in a building. At the same time, the batteries have to be replaced yearly and the devices of this kind usually work independently from the other alarms throughout the house.

Hardwired alarms are reliable, don’t need battery replacement and allow the user save money on batteries. In addition, they are usually interconnected, but they are difficult to replace.

No matter what type of smoke alarm you decide to purchase, it should be a high-quality, fast and reliable device. At the same time, they should be checked on regular basis if they are in a good working condition and if the battery is not running low. Ideally, it recommended checking the alarm batteries at least once or twice in a month.