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Soleus Air Micathermic Heaters

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Soleus Air HM2-15R-32

Soleus Air HM2-15R-32

Soleus Air Soleus Air Flat Panel Micathermic Heater with Remote Control

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Soleus Air HM1-10-32

Soleus Air HM1-10-32

Soleus Air Ultra-Thin Micathermic Flat Panel Heater

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How to Select

How to select Micathermic Heaters

Equipping your home with efficient yet powerful heaters will help you survive the cold winter. To select the perfect device you need to know exactly what you want your future heater to do. While this might seem like an easy task, it’s not, considering all of the options there are on the market today. This article will guide you through the most important aspects that need to be considered, helping you select he perfect heater for your home.

You should start the process of selecting a heater with specifying the type of such device and the heating technology it uses. The most efficient and reliable type that is offered on today’s market is one that uses micathermic technology to heat the air. The advantage of such type is that it combines both reflective and convection technologies to heat the area faster than any other device. This means that you’ll be able to heat the room in minutes, which is great for especially cold days.

The size of the room you are planning to heat is the key factor to consider. The capacity of your future micathermic heater should be enough to heat a medium or large room. In addition to that, you will be able to enjoy quiet operation because such devices have a very silent heating element.

One of the greatest advantages that a micathermic heater can offer is its eco-friendly operation. This is possible thanks to a unique heating technology and the fact that it uses less time and thus power to heat surfaces and air. Moreover, since micathermic heaters don’t have any glowing parts, they are safe to be installed in bedrooms and nurseries.

Next thing to consider when selecting a micathermic heater is the control options. Such device can be equipped with a manual or programmable thermostat and remote controls. While manual thermostat allows you perform such simple commands as turning the device on and off, remote control offers significantly more useful features. It is always nice to have various operating modes to select from or even have an automatic temperature adjustment setting. If you can spend some extra money, you should definitely consider buying a micathermic heater with remote controls.

The last but definitely not the least aspect of a heater is its design. You may think the design doesn’t matter, but you are wrong. Not only will your future micathermic heater provide the room with warmth, it will also become an addition to the existent décor of the walls, so you better ensure it matches their color.