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Warmly Yours Space Heaters

The WarmlyYours company is known to many users world-wide. Being a reliable manufacturer, the Westside Wholesale has chosen Warmly Yours as a leading producer of the under desk heating mats today. We have chosen to present this type of product to our customers at affordable price because we believe that this product comes in very handy during cold months of the seasons. The WarmlyYours under desk heating mats have gained their popularity with the clients due to its corporate friendly design and features that sustain warmth comfort in the offices during the coldest days of the year.

The stylish solution, the problem of “too cold to work” desk problem is simply eliminated with the purchase of under desk heating mat. The easy-to-use plug-in floor mat can be easily fitted under any type of desk. The extra warmth and comfort it is able to provide ensures the high-efficiency productivity of office workers. The minute that the extra warmth is needed, the WarlyYours under desk heating mat deliver the much necessary warmth ensuring the great product application and durability. The heating mats’ materials as smooth and nice to touch, and all safety standards are kept in place. The carpet covering of the heating mat’s surface is incredibly soft. Users highly appreciate the under desk heating mat’s features because it enables them to produce far better results at their jobs.

WarmlyYours Under Desk Heating Mat Features List:

  • compact and attractive mat’s appearance;
  • on/off switch;
  • different colors;
  • exclusive soft carpet surface covering;
  • product dimensions: 18” Length & 24” Width;
  • high durability;
  • long term use.

The Westside Wholesale online store deliver only the best quality products enabling clients to receive special bonuses in a form of “online dollars” applicable to the next purchase. The shipping costs are dramatically reduced enabling the client to receive the product within 1-3 from the online order purchase.

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