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Any type of switch can be considered a specialty switch—usually, a specialty switch is attached to or inside an object, device or appliance. Not only that, a specialty switch can save space due to its small size, and it can be hidden from view.

The specialty features can be used in a variety of different ways.

Let’s review the application of specialty light, a doorjamb switch with jam box, single-pole.

  • To save the space, a specialty switch is applied. It is replaced with doorjamb.
  • This is type of commercial grade doorjamb. It is designed to be hidden.
  • It turns on and off automatically when the door is either opened or closed.
  • It can be installed in the closet. You can use it to turn the lights on and off there.
  • It is easy to set up. The installation is the same as traditional light switch.
  • It meets the UL requirements.
  • The Leviton Company guarantees the highest level of quality.

Leviton’s light wireless anywhere switch with plug-in receiver.

  • New modification of wireless anywhere switch is a type of specialty switch.
  • No hassle with new wiring during the installation.
  • It can be used as additional light switch.
  • To make it work, simply plug in the receiver into the standard wall outlet. Proceed with plugging in the lamp, light, appliances, etc.
  • It can be used remotely.
  • .
  • It uses new wireless technology to provide a stable connection with remote operation in distance.

AC light quiet toggle locking switch single-pole.

  • This specialty switch has quick installation.
  • It comes in a number of styles for versatile design applications.
  • It is specifically designed to temper switching and stops the unauthorized switch use.
  • It features mount wiring.
  • In order to make the switch work, simply push the wire into the rear switch end.
  • The automatic clamp means the electrical connection has been established.

To summarize, as you can see these specialty switches have a set of different features and usages. A specialty switch is able to solve the problem where other traditional switches cannot. The specialty switches offered on our web-site feature the lowest discounted price. Also, all switches come with the manufacturer’s warranty as a guarantee to ensure the long-lasting service.