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Intermatic ET90215C

Intermatic ET90215C

Intermatic Timer, 120-277V 30A SPDT 2-Circuit Digital Timer

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A sprinkler timer is an electrical device that tells the sprinkler system to turn on and turn off automatically at a certain time intervals. These helpful devices are useful as they ensure that the lawn or garden gets the proper amount of water during the day when the plants require it. The timers are portable, easy to use and they are able to adjust automatically to weather and season changes. In addition, they prolong the sprinkler’s lifetime by providing an optimum way of operation. Such timers can be used with simple lawn sprinklers or with complex irrigation systems.

There are many sprinkler timers that are on the market today. They differ by price, color, power source, compatibility, programmability and switch rating. For example, a single pole single throw (SPST) switch can only turn the sprinkler on and off and can control only one circuit at the same time. Double pole single throw (DPST) switch allows two separate circuits to be controlled by a single actuator. Single pole double throw (SPDT) switch routes one input circuit to one or two output circuits and allows the user to choose between two circuits. Four pole single throw switch can transfer four separate electrical currents into one circuit path. At the same time, there are two main types of timers such as electromechanical and solid-state (digital) devices.

Electromechanical timers use motor, electric clock, wheels, dials, pins and gears to measure the necessary time, and therefore they are not so sensitive to power fluctuations. These devices are economical, simple, easy to operate, but they have only the limited amount of programming features. In addition there are mechanical timers that are manually set and require the user to monitor it continuously. They are the optimum option for lawns that require varying watering. Electronic timers have circuits to start the clock, they offer a number of options, but they are prone to malfunction due to power fluctuations.

A digital timer is easy to use, has a large and easy to use display and it is easy to turn it off when it has been raining. Solid-state timers are precise, they require minimum maintenance; they are very reliable and they need far less power than their mechanical counterparts.

Regardless of what type, color or switch rating of sprinkler timers you decide to purchase, it will allow you to save a considerable amount of money due to its water and power saving features. In addition, these advanced devices will completely manage the entire sprinkler system and ensure the most effective sprinkler system operation and optimal plant growth.