Grundfos Sump Pumps

Grundfos SU25-1A10 (96001566)

Grundfos SU25-1A10 (96001566)

Grundfos Pump, Sump w/Float Switch - 1/4 HP

Our Price: $168.77

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Buildings can be susceptible to flooding from natural groundwater, from being built on a flood plain or from been located in an area that naturally has a lot of rainfall.

Sump pumps are found in the basements of a building or home. Sump pumps are usually used in homes or buildings where rainwater or natural ground water may enter, especially if the basement is below water table level. They can prevent your basement from flooding and they cure dampness, especially for homes that are below sea level.

Westside Wholesale has a diverse selection of sump pumps on sale—sump pumps that can meet the needs of our clients. However, in order to understand what kind of sump pump is best for your needs it is important that you think about several different factors.

  • Types. Mainly, sump pumps are of two types: pedestal sump pumps and submersible sump pumps. Pedestal Sump Pumps are thosewhose motor wouldn’t be submerged in water as in the case of submersible sump pumps. Pedestal sump pumps have their motor installed outside the sump and above the basement floor. They are also known as “column type” or “upright” sump pumps.
  • Role. The role of a sump pump is very critical during the rains but very often it is found that the power supply is cut off due to thunderstorms. Hence an Emergency Backup Pump backs up a primary pump. Emergency battery backup pumps work start functioning when the primary pump doesn’t function properly or if the primary pump fails. The Back-up pumps are battery operated or water-powered. It is highly unlikely that both the primary and the backup pump will stop functioning together. There is an alarm system setup, which would tell that the primary pump isn’t functioning and the backup pump is being used.
  • Maintenance. Maintenance of the sump pits and the pumps is very important. Generally, the equipment must be examined yearly once. However, frequency has to be increased in case the pump is being used very often due to higher water table, water drainage or weather conditions. In order to increase the life of the sump pump, it is essential to clean it regularly and remove any dirt, sand particles or debris. Due to these obstructions the pump may drain the water inefficiently causing the sump to overflow. The check valve may get jammed due to the debris. The discharge line opening needs to be examined thoroughly for any obstructions. Sump pumps may be overworking due to a partially obstructed discharge line causing overheating and failure of the sump pump altogether.

Westside Wholesale can help our clients consider these factors and choose the best sump pump for the job.