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Sure-Lites LED Outdoor Lighting

Sure-Lites today are a type of innovative emergency lighting products that are designed both for commercial and residential use. As the need for sure-lites illumination continues to raise, the Westside Wholesale online store offers a variety of surelight products available at affordable price. In many cases surelites serve as a type of LED emergency lighting that is aesthetically designed with attractive appeal and are cost-efficient. Many units that we present on our web-site can perfectly blend into the surrounding environment. The sure-lites have expanded remote capability of wide coverage. The installation process is simple and the external battery has a simple connect/disconnect feature.

If a client chooses the Sure-Lite with the “EXIT” feature, it is ideal for general purpose applications and overall use in any commercial and residential locations. This lighting is considered to have an extensive range of influence and is a type of field- installed accessory. While the choices of faces of this sure-light may vary, the client has a variety of options and configurations. The mounting location position has a wide configuration allowing to permit a tailored basic exit and is applicable to any type of use.

It is necessary to point out the highly durable steel construction that ensures this sure-lite will last for a long time. Another great feature is attractive stylish appeal that is supported with high efficiency level of illumination. The sure-light series presented at Westside Wholesale online store has a possibility of use in commercial, residential, multi-functional, institutional and multi-housing locations. Being completely eco-friendly type of lighting, this line of products is EPACT-compliant as well. Keep in mind the high quality cost-efficient features that allow to save on utility bills.

The use of sure-light has been dramatically expanded and they have already become a lighting standard for many buildings today. The long life of the product is ensured with high illumination efficiency. It is very easy to install and to maintain. By the way, the manufacturer points out that all regular lamp maintenance routine steps are completely eliminated.

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Sure-Lites MST18920LES

Sure-Lites MST18920LES

Sure-Lites Outdoor Light, All-Pro 180 Degree Motion Activated Security Twin Head LED Flood Light, Energy Star Rated - Bronze

Our Price: $134.99
as low as: $121.49

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Sure-Lites FSL2030L

Sure-Lites FSL2030L

Sure-Lites Outdoor Light, All-Pro Large Single Head Security LED Flood Light - Bronze

Our Price: $84.50
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Sure-Lites FSS1530LPCES

Sure-Lites FSS1530LPCES

Sure-Lites Outdoor Light, All-Pro Dusk-to-Dawn Small Single-Head LED Security Flood Light With Photocontrol, 5000K Energy Star Rated - Bronze

Our Price: $114.99
as low as: $103.49

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How to Select

How to select LED Outdoor Lighting

Selecting outdoor lighting fixtures for your home or office is a very complicated process, especially for those who don’t know what important details should be considered first, before purchasing. While LED lighting is the best option for illuminating outdoor locations, the fixtures that you select have to comply with the installation requirements and must be able to withstand weather conditions. The guidelines listed below will help you select the perfect LED outdoor lighting fixtures.

The first thing to consider before you even start shopping for an LED outdoor lighting fixture is the type of device and its size. The fixtures that are offered today include wall and ceiling lights, emergency and flood lights along with chandeliers and directional lighting fixtures. The purpose of the LED lighting also plays great role in fixtures’ shape and design. For example, if you are looking for outdoor light to install in a pool or spa area, you need to ensure that such fixtures are moisture and water resistant. Landscape or accent LED lights should have an adjustable housing for easier installation and maintenance.

The next thing to pay attention to when selecting LED outdoor lighting is the type of housing that such fixtures use. When old lights are being replaced with new LED lamps, you need to ensure they are retrofit and can be mounted with the old wires. New housing design is meant to be installed with new applications only.

Wattage is the next important factor to consider. Since most of outdoor LED lights are operating all night long, you do want them to be economical and reliable. The best thing about LED light bulbs is that they use significantly less energy while offering the same if not better quality of lighting. The wattage of a LED outdoor light does vary depending on the fixture design and its purpose.

Mounting options should not be the last details you pay attention to. No matter how efficient or great-looking an outdoor light is, if you can’t connect it to the line and mount it in the desired location, there’s no point of purchasing it. Ensure that you will be able to install the LED lights outside the house and that they come with all the necessary mounting equipment.

Style and color options of an LED outdoor lighting are the last details one should consider. The sole purpose of outdoor lighting is to illuminate the space while creating a suitable, relaxing environment for you and your family to enjoy. A lamp that matches the existent décor of the landscape certainly adds style and sophistication to the general view.