Swanstone Bathroom Vanities

Factory-certified Swanstone fabricators whose works are represented by Westside Wholesale, have years of experience in design, fabrication and installation of countertop surfaces. Create an estimate one starting with your measurements or schematics and basic selections. And let us work with you in choosing final patterns, styles and features like with Swanstone, the world’s best known leader in manufacturing plumbing.

Their custom fabricated vanity tops give the ultimate in flexibility to create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. You are not just choosing colors or shapes. You choose options like matching or contrasting sink colors, a variety of decorative edge treatments, a rugged durability of the patented solid surface, all of which adds up to a beautiful vanity. That sinks should be guaranteed easy to clean and resists stains, scratches and even extreme heat. We even back it up to you with our long life limited warranty.

The renewable surface Wide Chesapeake series made in 49 inches (Swanstone CH1B2249 (010) or cozy 31 inches (Swanstone CH1B2231 (040) diameter will never crack or wear away. It will not be harmed with acetone or other chemicals, make-up and hot curling irons. For great needs use a double-bowl Swanstone CH2B2261 (010). Made of authentic solid surface color and texture run these vanity tops can coordinate with any reliable shower and bath systems. They are coming in a wide variety of styles and colors, from pure white to pebble and Bermuda sand. This series will easily accommodate all interior styles.

Little but sporty Deep Islandia series embodied in 6,5 inches Swanstone TRI-1815IS (010) comes to be a sale hit. Energy efficient, it uses only the water flow you need to maintain comfort. All you need else is to choose aright faucet for save temperature control. Small, space saving design installs in 3 easy steps with instructions and all needed fixtures in a complex.

Whether you like above-counter mounting for luxury design (Deep Palladio Above-Counter Swanstone WB-2218 (010) or under mount convenience (Deep Contour Undermount Swanstone UC-1913 (010), you still prefer the stylish quality approved by years of experience. That is what Westside Wholesale can offer to you in a widest collection of Swanstone bathroom vanities.

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How to Select

How to Shop Bathroom Vanities

Every person is unique when it comes to his or her designing taste and understanding of beauty. That is why the contemporary sanitaryware industry offers a wide variety of styles and designs of bathroom vanities. Whatever tastes a customer may have like classical, traditional, contemporary or something in-between, a correctly chosen bathroom vanity is sure to become a central focal point in any bathroom environment. It offers both variety of styles and rich functionality. A wide range of professional designs, materials, additional features and combinations will definitely find the right path to the heart of any potential customer matching his or her unique personality, style and taste.

Before making a purchase of a new bathroom vanity it is necessary to give answers to the following core question. This will help to clear up the overall situation and make up one’s mind according to the key required characteristics.

  • What material can be suitable for your bathroom interior?
  • What is the size of your bathroom and how much space can you devote to the new vanity unit?
  • What should be the height of the future vanity top?
  • What style and design are preferable for you? Would you like to have a frame or frameless version?
  • Who will mainly use the new bathroom vanity?

After all of the questions have been answered, it’s time to decide upon the style trend. When choosing the right design or style it is necessary to remember that it should reflect your inner world and deep personality. A wise way to create a quiet atmosphere in the bathroom is to combine several styles, materials, accessories and so on.

Traditional Style is characterized by decorative trim-work and classical features. The cornerstones of its representation can serve furniture-style cabinets with subdued color and ornate molding implementations. This is a special mood that would hardly ever go out of style. All the details used in the traditional style provide a pure harmony of sophistication and tranquility balance. The cabinet finishes and textures are smoothly processed and the metal accessories are polished and classically shaped.

Contemporary or Euro-Asian Style is characterized by smooth, sleek, and symmetrical arrangements. It features a minimalistic nature completed with clean unbroken lines, plane décor, and unique curves and angles.

Casual Style has a relaxed simple nature, free from complicated heavy lines and intricate designs. It provides more functional than decorative features. Colors are used in soft pastels and natural shades tones. Metal details and cabinets itself are performed in a slightly aged and worn appearance.

Eclectic Style features a gentle and smart mixture of different styles, designs, and looks. Such tendency provides this style with a unique charm and personality.

Whatever style you choose, a bathroom equipped with a modern vanity will look gorgeous and offer improved functional possibilities.