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Pool Pals Swimming Pool Sanitation

Westside Wholesale offers you a complete line of swimming pool water sanitizing products manufactured by Pool Pals, a reliable manufacturer of pool maintenance products. Our store has provided everything you need to make your pool water clean and safe for you and your family. The pool sanitizing products available at our store do not require costly maintenance and are easy to operate. They meet the highest standards of quality, performance and reliability. Pool maintenance will become simple and easy.

The MPULSE 3000 Water Treatment System uses the same innovative ‘Impulse’ technology that has been used to purify potable and industrial water in the US for the past decade. Now you may become an owner of the revolutionary sanitizing system. It protects pool surfaces from the scaling of calcium and magnesium. MPULSE 300 operates at the molecular level. Hard crystal calcium turns to soft crystal form by applying high frequency, 3000 to 5000 low voltage impulses per second directly to the water. In this state the calcium becomes easier to manage on pool surfaces. This technology improves water quality by balancing pH level.

For those who prefer more conventional methods of water purification Westside Wholesale offers a chemical dispenser for 1’’ and 3’’ chlorine tablets. The clear design of the dispenser will look transparent in your swimming pool. Made from advanced materials the construction is chemical and UV resistant. To regulate the feed there is an adjustable flow meter. Twist lock cap guarantees that the tablets are always in place.

To protect your and your family’s health you should ensure that you have proper water balance in your swimming pool. Pool Pals Dual Test Kit is designed specially to examine pH and chlorine levels. You may easily test the levels of residual chlorine 0.6 - 5.0 PPM, pH 6.8 - 8.2 with our Lucite test cell.

Westside Wholesale will help you make sure you have the safest place to swim.

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Pool Pals TK405C

Pool Pals TK405C

Pool Pals Dual Test Kit for pH & Chlorine levels

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Pool Pals MP3000

Pool Pals MP3000

Pool Pals MPULSE 3000 Water Treatment System with 2" Slip

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Pool Pals CL296

Pool Pals CL296

Pool Pals Chemical Dispenser uses 1" Tablets or 3" Tablets - Transparent Blue

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