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About Sylvania Light Bulbs

At Westside Wholesale we offer you an excellent selection of Sylvania light bulbs. Our customers are pleased to find a big choice of types, sizes and watts. In spite of high quality of these bulbs, here you can purchase them at reasonable prices.

Sylvania has a highly trusted reputation in incandescent lighting. For about 100 years the manufacture has been consistently improving and innovating the lightning. With A-shape bulbs, chandelier bulbs and decorative globes, the company’s incandescent bulbs present significant quality and durability.

Sylvania light bulbs make the best choice for those who look for a truly efficient long lasting lighting solution. Here are the several types of bulbs:

Parabolic aluminized reflector, PAR, is a kind of bulbs that are typically used for outdoor lighting, in homes, stage lighting, automobile lighting and other applications. Sizes of a concrete bulb determines its application. PAR16, PAR20, PAR30 bulbs perform excellent accent and task lighting and general illumination for home and business. For general illumination indoors or outdoors customers also choose PAR38 bulbs with recessed fixtures. This type of spot and flood bulbs has the most popular angles of beam. Sylvania’s PAR lamps are counted as the standard of halogen industry because of their quality performance and perfect color rendering. For studio and stage illuminating, PAR46, 56, and 64 bulbs fit the best. The company has been developing special innovative features for stage lighting technology for more than five years. They use an aluminum reflector instead of a glass one to make the bulbs weigh lighter up to 65% and give brighter lightning. Lamps are made of quality materials, have attractive metal trim and a porcelain body.

Sylvania has a big number of compact fluorescent light bulbs which are ideal replacements for traditional incandescent bulbs. They are more eco-friendly and provide better lighting. They are considerably long lasting and save money. CFL bulbs guarantee customers the balance of inexpensive products and energy efficiency. Sylvania’s family of CFL bulbs are presented in various shapes, such as 2 and 4 pin tube, globe, mini-twist, twist, 3-way, R20, 25, 30, BR30, PAR 38, and more. Energy consumption economy is apparent: 23 Watt CFL Long-Life bulbs create the light output equal to a standard incandescent bulb of 100 Watt. Some types suggest different color temperatures, providing consumers desirable lighting options.

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