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Tankless Installation Supplies

With the help of a tankless water heater, homeowners solve an essential problem of comfortable uninterrupted hot water delivery efficiency. The market of various types of water heaters is wide and well-charged, so does the range of installation supplies.

Westside Wholesale offers furnishings of the most reliable brands such as Bosch, Rheem, Wiseman and Noritz. These are quality world known manufacturers of highly performing supplies for heating water. They manufacture products for heating water for living accommodations and commercial buildings, traditional gas and electric water heaters, hot water calorifiers and tankless heaters and heating accessories.

All the way from the projecting of your house tankless water heating system to use of it must be professionally correct, simple and safe. That’s why we provide our clients with the wide assortment of tankless installation supplies as far as installation stage is highly important. Tankless water heater is fine for installation in bathroom, kitchen, utility room, garage or on an outside wall.

We represent tools which meet industrial standards of quality, dependability and efficiency.

Our proposal contains all-inclusive vent kits for the comfortable setup and perfect operation of your tankless water heater. User might select the kit of any content he needs. The packages include different combinations of tools: power vent motors, relevant pipes, vent reducers, water flow activation switches, control cables, mounting hardware, vibration isolation bushings, linear spill switches, conversion program chips and remote controls, etc.

Customers are able to find a perfect add-up kit or separated details and care products: high altitude chips, remote thermostats, venting supplies or tankless valves. Whenever a householder needs a reliable selection of installation supplies he can always turn to Westside Wholesale for the ideal solution. With our installation kit any householder can setup his tankless water heater by himself. Please note that all products represented on our web-site are available in stock.

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Noritz ARF5

Noritz ARF5

Noritz Stainless Steel 5" Diameter Venting Angled Roof Flashing, For NC380 Series Water Heaters

Regular Price: $52.99
On Sale: $37.20
as low as: $33.48

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Noritz Stainless Steel 4" Diameter Venting Rigid Straight Vent Pipe, 48" Length - For NR71, NR98, NR111, NR199, NC250 & NH Series

Regular Price: $78.99
On Sale: $56.30
as low as: $50.67

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12 : $52.36 ea. (7% off)
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Noritz Stainless Steel 4" Diameter Venting Rigid Straight Vent Pipe, 12" Length - For NR71, NR98, NR111, NR199, NC250 & NH Series

Regular Price: $22.99
On Sale: $15.80
as low as: $14.22

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Rheem RTG2006EL

Rheem RTG2006EL

Rheem Tankless Water Heater High Altitude Chip for RTG-74XN - Natural Gas (6561-9840 Ft.)

Our Price: $21.99
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Noritz DT5

Noritz DT5

Noritz Stainless Steel 5" Diameter Venting Horizontal Drain Tee, For NC380 Series Water Heaters

Regular Price: $26.99
On Sale: $18.60
as low as: $16.74

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How to Select

How to Shop for Tankless Installation Supplies

Tankless water heaters form the core of many modern heating systems. The efficiency and economic value they bring also means that many customers will choose these products. To ensure that the tankless system operates to the highest standards it is important to use the correct installation supplies. Westside Wholesale has installation supplies to meet the needs of these systems.

It is important to consider a number of factors when selecting accessories or consumables to use with tankless water heaters. All of Westside Wholesales products are selected from manufacturers who have expertise in the plumbing and water heating area. Our customers return time and time again because of the great value and quality they receive.

These factors should be considered when choosing installation supplies:

  • Quality. The tankless system may be the most valuable part of your heating plan. Choosing a quality product to accessorize or to allow servicing should always be important. The various venting options offered by Westside are all finished to high specifications and designed to last. To function at optimal levels the tankless system may require occasion descaling with one of the products offered here. All products are of a high quality and come with manufacturers warranties.
  • Dependability. Westside Wholesale only sells tankless installation supplies from manufacturers who meet rigorous testing requirements. All thermostats and propane conversion chips have already been subjected to many hours through testing to guarantee fault free performance in the field. Whether choosing wireless control for your system or a freeze protection kit, all products are built for reliability.
  • Efficiency. Many customers choose a tankless water heater because of the economic benefits it confers. To keep the system at an efficient level periodic descaling may be required. Our descalers and flushing kits maintain the systems performance and ensure efficient operation. To ensure optimal operating levels altitude chips are available to adjust your propane flow and tankless system to local conditions.

Quality, dependability and efficiency comes standard at Westside Wholesale. Our expert buying team has a long relationship with many manufacturers, both online and in-store. Only suppliers who can meet these standards can expect to see their products on the shelves at Westside Wholesale.

Whether you are looking for freeze protection kits, cosmetic pipe covers or venting options, Westside Wholesale has the tankless installation supplies to meet your needs. Manufacturers such as Bosch, Rheem, Wiseman and Noritz are world leaders in this field and will deliver goods that will last for years to come.