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Broan CWT45

Broan CWT45

Broan Thermostat, Cold Weather Non-Programmable for Broan Solar Powered Attic Ventilators

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How to Select

How to select Thermostat Accessories

A heater, air-conditioner, fan or any other device that is equipped with a thermostat can make your life at home much more comfortable and easy. The problem is that not every device comes equipped with such option and equipping it with a thermostat may require a lot of additional accessories. If you are looking for a thermostat accessory but don’t know where to start, this article will help you.

First of all, it’s important to know what type of accessory you will need since there are protocol adapters, distribution panels, remote sensors, power supplies and locking guards each offering different features for different parts of a thermostat.

A protocol adapter is used to connect a receiver with a communicator. In case your thermostat is not working the way it is supposed to, ensure that this accessory is not broken. You may not need to replace the entire device and simply replace one detail instead.

A distribution panel is a controller that can be wired to multiple thermostats to connect them into one system. Such accessory gives you the opportunity to use a single control for all of the devices that are installed in your home. Not only that, a distribution panel simplifies troubleshooting and installation and helps you save money.

You might consider buying remote sensors in case you want to control your thermostats from different locations of the house. Such sensors can be installed with most of the modern thermostats but ensure they are compatible with your particular model.

If you have a thermostat installed in a location where a child can reach it, you might want to equip it with a locking guard to prevent unwanted invasion.

How to know that the accessory is compatible with the thermostat?

Before buying any type of accessory, look at its characteristics that are indicated in the description of the item and compare them with the thermostat characteristics. If they match, you are good to go, if you are not sure, ask the seller to help you.

Is it safe to install thermostat accessories in the living area of the house?

Each electronic device that is sold today, especially a thermostat, was designed and made with safety in mind. This means that a properly installed thermostat and its accessories are safe to be used in any area of your home.

What additional features will a thermostat offer?

It all depends on the type of a thermostat that you select. If it is a manual type, it will only help you turn the device on and off. Other types of thermostats, including programmable, electronic and remote, offer tens of additional features you may benefit from, starting with automatic temperature adjustment and ending with the possibility to control them from a smartphone.