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Fantech FAT10

Fantech FAT10

Fantech 1A22-7 Attic Thermostat

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How to Select

How to select a thermostat

Installing a thermostat in your house helps you control the energy usage of all electric devices and also save money spent on electricity bills. When selecting a thermostat, you should consider many factors and characteristics that will help you create a more comfortable environment in your home.

The first thing you need to consider when selecting a thermostat is the type of your heating or cooling system. The most common types of heating systems operate on natural gas, oil or electricity. You need to make sure the thermostat that you are about to purchase is compatible with the system and the devices installed in your home.

The types of thermostats that exist today can be categorized according to the operation method they provide. Here are the most common types:

  • Manual or mechanical thermostats. These are the oldest thermostats that exist. This type is perfect for people who are always present at home and can adjust the temperature of the device whenever they need or want. If you are leaving home frequently, you might want to select a different type of thermostat that will control the system when you are not around.
  • Learning thermostats. These are the modern types of programmable thermostats that can learn and adjust their operation mode as you use them. What it means is that you do not have to actually program them, since they will select a perfect operating mode after a few manual adjustments. Learning thermostats can do such things as turn the devices off when you leave the house and turn them back on when you come back, adjust the operation to a more energy efficient mode and even provide you with monthly energy reports.
  • Remote energy management thermostats. Such a type allows you to program, adjust and monitor your thermostats via a smartphone or computer. This is really helpful if you want to always know what is going on with the heating or cooling system of your house. In addition to that, you can select a special energy efficient operating mode for the entire heating system of your house by clicking a few buttons.
  • Programmable thermostats. This thermostat type can be programmed to automatically adjust the desired temperature during different time of the day. For example, you might want your room to be warmer at night and cooler by noon and this is exactly what a programmable thermostat will do for you.
  • Non-programmable thermostat. This type of thermostats provides manual operation and differs from the manual devices only by a display that shows the exact temperature in the room. That way, the information that appears on a display lets you know what adjustments to make.

When you know what thermostat type you want, selecting a perfect option for your home only takes minutes.