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Lux DHP2120
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Lux DHP2120
Lux Thermostat, Digital Heat Pump Battery Powered Thermostat
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About Lux Thermostats

Lux Corporation manufactures products for home since 1914. Its rich history and experience made it a famous brand in the field. The company provides a wide range of electronic and mechanical thermostats. The Westside Wholesale has a model practically for every heating and cooling option required by a customer. Lux thermostats make easy to control the appliances in the house. There are different types of devices this company is able to offer. These devices include high-end and cheaper price models that are known to be fully durable and reliable.

Programmable models . All the programmable units are already pre-programmed. There is a special energy saving setting that helps to reduce the electricity bill. If the initial program is not suitable for some reason, the appliance can be easily reprogrammed. For those who prefer up to date technologies, there is a TX9600TS model that has a touch screen programming. All models have adjustable swing, low battery indicator, battery free memory storage. As to the temperature settings, there are manual temperature hold, temporary temperature override and user temperature calibration. They are one to two stages heat / cool, all horizontal orientation, etc.

Digital (non-programmable models). These are millivolt systems which have different features. They are more convenient for those who do not want to think about the programming settings. They have lightened display, adjustable temperature settings and user temperature calibrations.

Mechanical models. Mechanical models are cheaper and have fewer programmable options. They are similar to the professional units. There is a hardware to be installed and you can easily do it yourself.

Westside Wholesale offers a whole diversity of LUX thermostats to choose from. This company is well-known for its high-quality products and perfect customers’ service. All types of thermostats from this company can be easily installed, protected from leaks and other technical problems, are convenient and high-end.

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