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GE 15600

GE 15600

GE Timer, 120V Outdoor Replacement Time Switch Module

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How to Select

How to shop for Timer Parts

Timers play an essential role in day-to-day lives, especially in the technologically driven world of today. The manufacturers of these timers provide customers with a great variety of devices. The timers have control over the interior and exterior lighting, home and office appliances, pools, irrigation systems, etc. The timer help consumers save money on water, gas and electricity. Another important specification of timers is a safety feature. As a result, the use of timers makes our home more comfortable, convenient and secure.

We always suggest making a list of actions that timers can have control over and address.

  • A programmable timer will help you to turn on and off a space heater, pool pump, lighting inside and outside the house. It can be installed in your bathroom, allowing to turn on and off a bathroom space heater at night and in the morning.
  • A timer will have control over the motion detector light. It is a major security feature that help to have a control over the dark areas or your patio, garden, front and back yards.
  • A pool timer will help you to have full control over the water pumping and filtration system. At the same time, a pool timer will turn the pool heater on and off for comfortable swimming.
  • A sprinkler timer with programmable options will water the lawn. It can turn the lawn irrigation systems while you are away on vacation or out of town.

As you can see, the variety of ways that timers can be used is nearly endless so when you’re purchasing a timer for your specific needs, make sure to choose a timer model with numerous options. It will fully cover your “control over timing” requirements and needs.

Timer Parts Selecting and Buying

There are times when a timer requires a part. Our online store has created a list of timer parts that are easy to access and to replace. As a result, you can shop for a necessary timer part and we will deliver it to you fast. The timer parts include:

  • Wireless radio receiver module;
  • Timer switch tripper set – mechanical;
  • Freeze control thermostat in steel rainproof enclosure;
  • Timer switch tripper sets (Red for Off & Green for On);
  • All-weather control panel enclosure;
  • Timer freeze control mechanism;
  • Timer universal replacement light timer tripper pack;
  • Timer 120V outdoor replacement timer switch module.

If you haven’t found the part that you require to replace, talk to our customer service representative to order a timer part modification that you need.