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In our era of electricity and silicon, electrical supplies are things that you simply cannot live without. Whether you are making improvements to enhance the quality of your lifestyle or increase your property's marketability—or are involved in commercial construction—electrical supplies will be on the list of the most important things that you will need, along with building supplies, plumbing, lighting and tools.

There is a wide variety of electrical supplies on the market today, including dimmers, timer and light switches, electrical outlets, motion sensors, electrical wall plates, transformers and boxes, plugs and connectors and many other things that are remarkably useful in the most practical ways. For the sake of understanding, we will divide them in five groups:

  • Switches and Other Lighting Controls. These devices are used to control one or more light fixtures. All of them allow you to save as much energy (and therefore money) as possible by turning the light on and off (light switches), adjusting the brightness level (dimmer switches), monitoring and regulating the light level (photocells), turning lights off when the space is unoccupied (motions sensors) and programming lights to turn off (light timer switches).
  • Electrical Enclosures. This type of electrical supplies includes electrical outlets, wall plates, media enclosures and electrical fittings used to enclose conductors and wires. They are indispensable at housing and protecting wire connections.
  • Electro-Mechanical Devices. Electro-mechanical devices include electrical transformers, plugs and connectors. While electrical transformers are used to generate, transmit and distribute electrical power at the most economical voltage level, plugs are employed to make electrical connection and join electrical circuits.
  • Electronic devices. Electronic devices range from electronic ballasts that provide a smooth current flow and keep an overvoltage from damaging electronic equipment to electrical test equipment such as light, insulation and power meters and circuit testers.
  • Audio & Video Equipment. Audio and video equipment allows home users of Blu-ray and DVD discs to get movie theater sound, and make all music sound good and well balanced. These useful devices include system-volume controls and satellite, in-wall, ceiling and outdoor speakers.

Whether you want to make your home life more fun, increase your energy savings or prolong the life of your devices, high quality electrical supplies are indispensable for the task.