Toilet Flush Valves

Toilet flush valves are designed and manufactured to control the release of water from toilet tanks into toilet bowls once tanks flush lever handles are pressed.

The Westside Wholesale offers a wide choice of toilet flush valves by Fluidmaster that has a perfect line of products of such a kind. They are highly efficient to accommodate the needs. The toilet flush valves are easy to install and are meant to save water and stop toilet leaks for better convenience. Some models allow saving up to 45% of regularly used water. In just a few minutes every household or commercial building can easily convert the existing toilet into a reliable and durable water-saving toilet.

The variety of models is of the various specifications. For instance, Fluidmaster 507A is able to fit pre-1994 model toilets that normally use 3.5 gallons per flush or even more. The toilet flush valves are designed to control amounts of water with the tanks and the flappers just actuate the flushing action. This item is good for future repairs as it can be easily replaced.

Beside the good features, the products in this category are able to fit all brands as for the toilet equipment. The warranty from manufacturer includes 1-5 years. The toilet flush valves are for sale at the most affordable prices. We value every customer of the online store and have been trying our best to meet all of their needs and wishes. The quality at the best prices is guaranteed. The products are certified by the independent experts to meet the highest standards of quality. Here everyone can make the right choice for better convenience!

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Fluidmaster 507A

Fluidmaster 507A

Fluidmaster Toilet Flush Valve, Toilet Tune-Up

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Fluidmaster 507C

Fluidmaster 507C

Fluidmaster Toilet Tune-Up Toilet Tank Flush Valve

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How to Select

How to shop for Toilet Flush Valves?

A flush toilet with valves that conserves water as well as brings down the money that people need to spend on their water bill is a dream for any homeowner.

Well people can now make their dreams come true since Westside Wholesale is now providing customers with the opportunity to purchase those valves. Not only will they flush toilets, they will save a lot of money in the process. The valves come with various specifications and are quite flexible, allowing them to be installed by almost anyone. Even still, choosing the right one is imperative and because of that reason Westside Wholesale is here to help you make a decision.

The following areas should be considered before purchasing toilet flush valves.

  • Size.The size of the valve depends on the system (tank) of people that are using for their commode. Usually it is three inches, however people can consult professionals for this.
  • Amount of water flushed.The amount of water that should be flushed each time is a vital part in maintaining the cleanliness of the toilet and keeping it germ free. Hence it is essential that the valves allow the optimum amount of water to be flushed every time. In this field Westside Wholesale is an excellent platform since it gives the opportunity to purchase valves that allow optimum water to be flushed which is 3.5 gallons each time.
  • Regulating the water flushed.Everyone has different desires regarding the amount of water to be flushed because it not only plays an important role in cleaning the toilet but also decides the water bill. To rescue, Westside Wholesale is here with a stock of valves which can be used to regulate the amount of water flushed easily.
  • Installation and replacement.Installation as well as replacement of the valves should be easy so that people can do it themselves and can replace it whenever needed. However valves with longer warranty should be preferred.
  • Cost. The cost of the valves is a vital factor and customers should approach with the aim of getting the best and that too at the best price which suits their budget. Customers can get brand manufactures like Fluidmaster and be assured of quality.
    • Seeking into all these various factors might make people confused but they can trust on Westside Wholesale to get the best and that too with long warranty period and at the good price. Westside experts are always ready to answer any kind of queries and waiting for people‚Äôs valuable comments and feedback.