Toilet Repair Kits

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Fluidmaster 400AK

Fluidmaster 400AK

Fluidmaster Toilet Tune-Up Complete Tank Repair Combination Kit

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Fluidmaster 400C

Fluidmaster 400C

Fluidmaster Toilet Tune-Up Fill Valve and Flapper Combination Kit

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Fluidmaster 555CRP8

Fluidmaster 555CRP8

Fluidmaster Toilet Tune-Up Flusher Fixer Kit

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How to Select

How to Shop for Toilet Repair Kits

Toilet repair kits often receive little attention, but they are very important especially when an unexpected mishap occurs. After all, a toilet repair kit will help you make repairs on an as needed basis, coming to the rescue. These repair kits contain the necessary equipment to completely overhaul the tank components.

The kits can be used by a professional or amateur.

The repair kits available at Westside Wholesale are of superior quality and their price is quite economical too. It is important to choose the most appropriate model and expert assistance can be acquired by Westside Wholesale in this regard.

Some worth considering points to buy toilet repair kits are as follows:

  • Items Included. First and foremost consideration to be made for buying toilet repair kits is that what items are included in the package. Some important items that should be present in the repair kit include flush valves, fill valves, tank lever, seals, adjust-a-flush flappers and the necessary hardware for ease of use.
  • Chlorine Resistant Flappers. It should be ensured that the flappers included in the kit are chlorine resistant. The chlorine resistant flappers come in handy when they are used in regions having harsh water. These flappers are meant to last longer than those which can’t resist chlorine.
  • Durability. All the items included in the toilet repair kit must be durable so that another replacement is not required very soon. All the equipment must be made from high quality materials to ensure best performance. These kits should contain standardized equipment that abides by all the plumbing codes.
  • Environment Friendliness. Make sure that the toilet repair kit is made of materials having highest quality and are completely safe for natural environment and human health.

The toilet repair kits available at Westside Wholesale fully meet the above mentioned criteria and the products we have in stock are from the most reliable brands, including Fluidmaster. Westside Wholesale offers different toilet repair kits having different working depths to ensure better convenience. Furthermore, these kits are quite affordable and easy to work with.

The toilet repair problems are not a worry anymore and can be easily dealt with using toilet repair kits.

Experts are available to answer any queries and to offer advice to customers. The experts can be contacted via the website and will guide you through the purchase process making shopping with Westside Wholesale a simple task.