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How to Select

How to Select a Toilet Seat

Choosing a toilet seat can depend on many things from design and shape, to feel and comfort.

When selecting your toilet seat, consider:

  1. Opening Type:

The opening type is referring to the shape of the seat and how it opens. Elongated toilet seats are suitable for toilets with longer bowls that are elongated in shape. Exact shape may vary, and can range from Oval to a more rectangular shape. Round Toilet seats have a more rounded shape which is more standard.

  1. Type:

The type of toilet seat can make a difference on the way it feels and the life span of your seat. Wooden seats will last very long and will stay a neutral temperature during extreme hold or cold. Plastic seats will also last quite long however, they often run a little more affordable. Padded seats are designed for added comfort and include a padded surface. Often times, a material is used to prevent from extreme temperatures.

  1. Color:

The color of your seat is based on your personal preference and style choice.

  1. Features:

  • EasyClean™ hinges are the simple answer for a sparkling bathroom. The entire seat lifts away with a simple twist for effortless, impeccable cleaning. Positively brilliant!
  •  EasyClose™ hinges bring tranquility to your surroundings. The toilet seat always closes softly. There's never a slam or a pinched finger. Experience serenity at home.
  • Easy2™ hinges have it all - style, sophistication, and beauty. Two desirable features, quiet and smooth closing with effortless cleaning, come together for a flawlessly functional toilet seat.
  • PROseat™ molded wood seat - A favorite with plumbing and contract professionals because of its strong and hefty hinge design; durable three-layer enamel finish; and easy installation  
  • Residential plastic and molded wood seats - In regular and elongated, and in a host of contemporary and classic styles, profiles and colors to match any taste
    Commercial plastic seats - Including the Bemis Posturemold® and a variety of other heavyweight designs
  • Antimicrobial plastic seats - With DuraGuard® agent molded into seat
  • ADA-compliant seats - Including Medic-Aid® seats with stainless steel side arms and textured plastic handgrips; and lift seats, both containing DuraGuard antimicrobial agent
  • Fireproof and fire resistant seats - Fireproof thermoset (urea) seats, and seats containing FirePro™ fire-retardant material  Specialty seats - Including for infant/pediatric use; and marine and airplane applications
  • Solid wood seats - In a variety of finishes and hinge options including brass and chrome
  • Soft seats - Cushioned comfort in a variety of colors and styles