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Tower Fans

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How to Select

How to select tower fans

Selecting a new fan can become a very complicated and time consuming process, especially when you do not know where to start. This article will guide you through the main aspects that should be considered and will help you select the tower fan that will satisfy your needs the most.

Equipping your room with a tower fan has many benefits to offer. First of all, you’ll be able to receive great air flow from a compact and efficient unit. Because of the oscillating features of such devices, they are able to distribute the air flow for 90 degrees from a stationary location. You will not need to move such a fan nor will it require any additional installation. If you are looking not only for cool but also fresh air, you should consider buying a device with an ionization option.

When selecting a tower fan, first question you should answer is how much space do you want it to affect? Depending on the cooling area a capacity should be chosen. This step is really simple to complete, the larger the area, the more circulation power your future fan should offer.

The next thing you might want to consider is the sound the tower fan produces while operating. Generally, such devices are manufactured to produce the least noise possible. This makes them a perfect addition to any room, especially a bedroom or a nursery.

Easy operation is yet other useful feature to consider. The easier the operation, the more comfortable and enjoyable your fan will be. Multiple functionality can be helpful when the fan is installed in a large room or an office. For example, you might want it to have remote control, programmable operation or various levels of oscillation but such features depend on your needs only.

One of the greatest things about such devices, along with their efficient and reliable operation, is their unusual construction and design. The tower fans that are offered today become an additional decoration for your room, complementing its décor while also cooling the surroundings and making it more enjoyable during summer.

When selecting a tower fan, some of the following questions may arise:

How easy are they to operate?

The more features your tower fan offers, the more daunting it is to operate. However, there is nothing scary about this device when you know exactly what each button on the control panel does. Using a smartphone is way more challenging but everyone seems to succeed in it.

What about portability?

Additional mobility of a tower fan will not do you any harm. If you plan to use it in multiple rooms, portability is definitely the feature to look for.

How safe is a tower fan?

All of the fans and similar devices were and are designed with safety in mind. Because of their unique construction and vertical operation, tower fans offer additional levels of safety.