WAC Lighting Track Lighting Install Supplies

Wac is one of the world leaders in producing lighting products for home and commercial use. It offers modern lightin technologies to the market and has a reputation of being responsible and trustworthy supplier of high quality modern forms of illumination.

We at Westside Wholesale are glad to introduce Wac lighting products to our clients as we know that they will be fully satisfied with the quality extent and the pricing rage.

Wac lighting has designed high quality decorative lighting lines that we are proud to have in our store. The manufacturer developed the lighting production using the most energy saving technologies possible up to date.

Wac lighting is totally sure in the excellent quality and functional qualifications of the products they supply so we are happy to inform our customers that now the lighting items by this brand go with a five year manufacturer’s warranty.

Wac Lighting at Westside Wholesale. The track lighting line we offer by Wac at Westside Wholesale comes in immense variety of styles, colors and lamp sizes. The models we offer are compatible with other brands such as Halo or Juno and can be compatible with existing track installation which makes them really comfortable and easy in use.

The various models of quick connect socket sets by Wac that we represent at Westside Wholesale can be used on multiple applications and accentuate a great variety of countertops, tabletops and tables at dining rooms while commercial and residential application is possible.

The socket sets are compatible with a row of Wac systems, the detailed information is provided on the description to each model. The sets are supplied with cables that can be easily cut to any length needed.

Wac track lighting line comes at Westside Wholesale on extended color scale. Apart from regular white and black we can propose to our customers dark bronze, blue, brushed nickel, chrome, red and even amber color. Such variety will certainly make real the fulfillment of any artistic lightning project.

Wac lightning track line can make a creative addition to any décor and interior design. The wide range of color decisions, unusual models and reasonable prices make it one of the most desirable suppliers that we are glad to propose to our clients.

WAC Lighting G512-RD

WAC Lighting G512-RD

WAC Lighting Jill Glass Shade for Quick Connect Mini-Pendant - Red

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How to Select

How to select Track Lighting Install Supplies

Installing track lighting fixtures in a house may be a very complicated process for people who don’t have all of the necessary equipment. The following guide will help you learn about what installation supplies you might need and how you should select them.

The type and amount of installation supplies that you need depends on the future location of the track lighting fixtures. One major difference between track lighting and other lighting options is their installation. Since these lights are mounted on all possible surfaces you will need to hide the wires under special track sections. Before you buy such sections, it is important that you calculate the area that they cover and pay attention to the diameter of the wires.

The next supplies that you might need during installation are outlet adapters. Such details will allow the cords to be hidden. If they aren’t hidden, the overall view of the fixture would be ruined. That’s the last thing that you want! To know what adapter to select, find out what the diameter of your cords and wires, and how many of them need to be hidden.

The lighting track connectors are also a very important part of any track lighting system. Such small details allow connecting various fixtures into one system, making the process of controlling it easier and faster. Again, find out what the diameters and types of the wires are before you order any connectors. The circuit connectors designed in “L”, “T”, and “H” and “X” shapes make the installation process much easier. With the help of such track lighting supplies you will be able to locate the fixtures in the way that you have planned.

If you need to install track lighting fixtures with low voltage applications, a pendant adapter is the perfect detail to help you complete this task. Ensure that the specifications of the supply comply with the line’s requirements before you buy it.

If you are still not sure whether you need to install track lighting in your house or office, the following information might help you make the final decision.

What are the benefits of track lighting? The greatest benefit that you will be able to enjoy is their functionality and adjustability. You can install such fixtures everywhere you want. In addition to that, the light coming from the track lights can be adjusted to create an ambiance of your dreams.

How efficient is track lighting? When the lighting fixtures that you select are equipped with LED light bulbs, they offer durable and efficient performance. The money that you will spend on such fixtures will return in the first months of the lights’ exploitation.