Uponor Wirsbo Ball Valves

Uponor Wirsbo LF4815050

Uponor Wirsbo LF4815050

Uponor Wirsbo ProPEX Lead Free Brass Ball Valve (Large Bore) - Plumbing, Radiant Heating/Cooling, 1/2" PEX x 1/2" PEX

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Ball Valves are mostly used for industrial purpose because they are very handy, readily available and support nearly 1000 bar pressures and 250 degrees Celsius temperature. The typical size of Ball valve ranges from 0.2 inches to 11.81 inches. They are easy to operate and repair. The spherical disc of the ball valve controls the pressure. Ball valves are robust and normally used to get perfect shut-off even if the appliances are not in use for years. Ball valves are considered as the brilliant option for shut-off applications.

The ball valves are available in different materials such as plastic, metal, metal along with ceramic center. The ball is mostly made with chrome plated for durability. A wide range of ball valves are available at Westside Wholesale, they carries brass, bonze, stainless steel or carbon steel, and lead-free materials. Customer can find the best and durable ball valve in one piece, 2-piece or even 3-piece, conventional port or full port ball valves. People can get a warranty and assurance of the Westside Wholesale along with outstanding customer services. Ball valves are used for Industrial, residential and commercial applications.

These are the factors that have to consider:

  • Brass Ball Valves. Brass Ball Valves are normally used for commercial and residential applications. They serve as a multipurpose shut-off valve that are used for domestic cold and hot water systems, bottled or natural gas and condensed air systems. The brass ball valves are obtained in full port, 2-piece body, blowout-proof stem, brass trim, PTFE Seat rings, etc.
  • Bronze Ball Valves. Bronze ball valves are used for industrial and commercial applications. They are used for cold and hot domestic water, LP gas, low pressure condensation, HVAC, compressed air and natural gas. It comes with stainless steel steam and ball, full port, customary lever handle, vented ball, etc.
  • Carbon Steel Ball Valves. Carbon Steel ball valves are used for general utility purpose and industrial applications. It is used for steam, petrochemical, water, gas and other common utility services.
  • Gas Ball Valves. Gas Ball Valves are used to shut-off manufactured gas, natural gas, LP gas, etc.
  • Medical Gas Valves. Medical gas valves are multipurpose 3-piece bronze ball valve which is used for pharmaceutical applications, medical gas-systems, and other applications. It is available in 3-piece bronze ball valve, copper stub-ends, medical gas, stainless Trim.

People can see brands such as Watts, UponorWrisbo, as Westside Wholesale gives a preference to quality only.

The benefits of ball valves are that they are very robust. The valve does not get damaged or their will be no leakage even if it is not used for years. Ball valves are ideal for shut-off applications. People can find 3-way and 4-way valves as well. Customers can also find various port ball valves either in T or L shaped configuration. These are some of vital aspects of the Ball Valve.