WattStopper Wall Dimmers

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WattStopper WD-270-W

WattStopper WD-270-W

WattStopper Motion Sensor, Timed Occupancy Sensor Slide Dimmer with 2 Stage Setting, 500W - White

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WattStopper WD-170-W

WattStopper WD-170-W

WattStopper Occupancy Wall Switch Sensor, Dimmable 500W

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How to Select

Choosing a Wall Dimmer

Almost every house or office has a variety of electrical plates. The market is filled with a wide range of electrical plates. Each plate has a specific purpose. An average homeowner should have a basic understanding of how each of these devices can serve your needs. In a majority of cases, wall switch and wall dimmer replacement is quite easy to install.

Basic Information on Wall Dimmers

Light dimmers have gained great popularity over the past decades.

  • Thanks to the extensive energy saving features of wall dimmers, the light dimmer switches conserve the electricity.
  • A homeowner has to pay less for energy use, saving a bundle.
  • The wall dimmers are rather inexpensive.
  • You can easily purchase them online from our store at WestsideWholesale.com and have your order delivered fast and free.
  • Besides excellent energy saving features, light dimmers are able to create a certain atmosphere of relaxation and contentment.
  • The wall dimmers in particular are able to adjust the level of lighting brightness.

As a result, a regular light switch that is only capable of turning the lights on and off, can be easily replaced with effective wall dimmer.

Wall Dimmer Installation Steps

  • Shut the power off, using the circuit breaker.
  • Proceed with existing light fixture removal. Extract 2 basic screws. It is best done with a Philips head screwdriver and put the screws to a safe place.
  • The light fixture is removed with the help of extracting the two mounting screws. They hold the metal wall box inside.
  • Also, on the top and below part of the light switch assembly, there is a screw. Extract and save it as well.
  • Then pull the light switch assembly; use gentle moves.
  • Move it to one side in order to expose the electrical wires. Keep them connected to the switch.
  • Write down which wire is connected to which terminal.
  • Disconnect old wires from wiring post. Proceed with attachment of the wires to the light dimmer posts.
  • Insert the wall dimmer into the metal wall box assembly.
  • Remove the dimmer control knob.

A customer can handle wall dimmer installation with basic DIY capabilities. The wall dimmer handling and installation are very similar to traditional electrical plate’s installation. We have to warn you that working with electrical outlets is not safe. That is why you should do all necessary precaution measures to keep yourself safe and happy. So, if you have an experience of handling the electrical outlet in the past, you will easily install a newly purchased wall dimmer at your house.