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Wall Lighting

We distribute a selection of one-light wall lighting from Kichler in bronze and brushed nickel finishes.

Choose from the Kichler 1-Light Swiss Passport Wall Light, Swiss Passport Wall Light, Wall Sconce, and Wilton Wall Light.

Westside Wholesale's line of Kichler wall lighting units make for stylish and easy-to-install decor.

Westside Wholesale presents a wide collection of wall lights from trusted famous manufacturers of lighting products. Most articles for outdoor use feature tempered glass lens and solid metal construction in order to resist the weather changes. Lithonia lighting presents affordable wall light that will make the entrance of your house stylish. The lovers of dark bronze finish and simple design can buy WC175 model.

There are a lot of diverse Kichler models in our store to suit the style of any house. One should consider the material first of all. It can be bronze (Kichler5076OZ), nickel (Kichler6520NI), chrome (Kichler 42028CH) or some other type.

Installation of wall sconce is the best option in the conditions of insufficient light. A person may need it to illuminate the certain part of the room. One should decide upon the type of lighting before shopping. It can be task lighting or soft lighting for beauty and multilayer effect.

The choice of wall lighting depends upon the brightness requirements. Most of Kichler lights are one-light fixtures. However, the customer may need brighter options. There is a good selection of wall lights from Forecast Lighting. Buy nice 2 light wall lighting fixture F540536U from Forecast Lighting or 3 light wall lighting fixture FB444036 depending upon your needs. There are also interesting variants that can decorate and light up long lobbies with 4 light wall lighting fixtures (FB444136) from Forecast Lighting. The manufacturer of Forecast Lighting series is Philips. This company has proved to be trustworthy in the sphere of electroniс and lighting equipment. It uses high grade materials to create lighting fixtures that will serve your household for years to come!

The style of the lighting fixture is also very important. It should suit the design of interior. Compare a massive Lithonia WC175ML model and a refined design of Kichler wall sconce with bronze elegant curves 45131TRZ. They should definitely decorate the houses with different design. The gallery of products in Westside Wholesale is huge. It offers wall lights of casual contemporary style (Kichler 45315BK), classic style (Kichler 10679AP), country or rustic style (Kichler 6335DBK), and etc.

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Kichler 10409AB

Kichler 10409AB

Kichler Classic (Formal Traditional) Wall Sconce 3 Light Fluorescent Fixture - Antique Brass

Our Price: $170.00

Kichler 10442AB

Kichler 10442AB

Kichler Classic (Formal Traditional) Wall Sconce 1 Light Fluorescent Fixture - Antique Brass

Our Price: $134.60
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How to Select

How to select Wall Lighting

Selecting lighting fixtures for your house or office may seem like a very difficult task to complete. That is, of course, when you have no idea what factors to pay attention to and what details of wall lighting fixtures you should consider. Westside Wholesale has prepared the following guide to help you select the best lighting options for your home.

The first thing to consider when selecting a wall lighting fixture is the location where it will be installed. In addition to that, you need to ensure that the fixtures that you select will comply with the installation requirements of the room and entire building. Meaning there’s no point of selecting a lamp that can’t be mounted on a wall or spends too much energy when operating. In case you want to install wall lighting outside the house, look for lamps that are made from tamper-resistant and durable material.

When the location of your future wall lighting fixtures is specified, it is time to select the type of such lighting. This step requires time and attention, since there are hundreds of lighting options available today. The best way to select the type of a wall lighting fixture is to define its purpose. You can use wall lighting fixtures as the main source of light or to highlight a certain spot or item in the room. Wall lighting can also be used to create a romantic ambiance or to add style to the existent décor. Depending on the purpose of a wall lamp, select the fixture that matches your requirements the most.

The following factor to consider is the energy usage and the capacity of the device. The more time you want your wall lighting fixtures to operate, the more energy and money they will use. To ensure that you won’t have to spend an awful amount of money on energy bills, look for fixtures that use energy-saving technology. The most common and well known lighting technology of such type is LED. An LED wall lamp spends 5 times less energy and lasts 3-4 times longer than any conventional lighting device.

Quite often, wall lighting becomes a tool that helps decorate the house both indoors and out. You need to consider additional features of your future wall lighting before purchasing any fixtures. We are talking about control options, operating modes, the color and brightness of the light of such fixtures. In addition to that, consider the mounting tools that you will need for the installation of each wall light. If you won’t mount the lights yourself, consult with the person who will perform this job for you.