Washing Machine Connectors

Westside Wholesale online store offers a line of reliable high-rated washing machine connectors. Beneficial prices and special free shipping are really the best advantageous offer. The connectors being produced thoroughly and corresponding with the needs, users don’t waste much time and effort when installing them.

Westside Wholesale introduces washing machine connectors manufactured by Fluidmaster. The lead-free content of the items testifies to the environmentally friendly nature. The connectors being secure for life, consumers prefer just this fabricator. This fact confirms leading positions of Fluidmaster in plumbing industry.

To produce durable accessories of long-term service the company uses reliable materials. Tough cores are covered with braided stainless steel wire. NSF-approved polymers and brass nickel-plated hex nuts providing easy gripping make the units popular and highly praised by common users. Higher flow capacity is achieved by producing a large inside diameter.

Washing machine connectors of 48", 60" and 72" are available. 9WM-series presents 3/4" hose fitting from the both sides. The items of B9WM-series are lead-free, having 3/4" hose fitting as washing machine connection and 3/4" hose fitting shut-off valve connection. Beside these products Fluidmaster manufactures connectors for high efficiency washing equipment. Such items having HE-index in model numbers, they are simple to recognize.

Order washing machine connectors offered by Westside Wholesale online store and get the product as timely as possible. At Westside Wholesale you can enjoy the best, lowest prices and no-cost shipping will be a pleasant addition to the purchasing. Washing machine connectors by Fluidmaster provide customers with reliable performance of the equipment.

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Fluidmaster B9WM72

Fluidmaster B9WM72

Fluidmaster 72" No-Burst Washing Machine Connector, 3/4" Hose x 3/4" Hose - Stainless Steel

Our Price: $9.04

Fluidmaster B9WM48

Fluidmaster B9WM48

Fluidmaster 48" No-Burst Washing Machine Connector, 3/4" Hose x 3/4" Hose - Stainless Steel

Our Price: $7.66
as low as: $7.12

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Fluidmaster B9WM60

Fluidmaster B9WM60

Fluidmaster 60" No-Burst Washing Machine Connector, 3/4" Hose x 3/4" Hose - Stainless Steel

Our Price: $7.84
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How to Select

How to shop for Washing machine Connectors

Westside Wholesale offers an excellent collection of products that includes washing machine connectors and accessories. Washing machine connectors link the water supply to your dish washing machine and must be manufactured to the highest standards in order to prevent leakage or breakage.

The manufacturers chosen by Westside Wholesale only make high quality products that are both durable and economic. Many of these washing machine connectors are easy to install and allow repairs to be carried out by non-specialists.

These washing machine connectors come with a variety of specifications. Choosing the most suitable connector is critical and Westside Wholesale will be happy to provide guidance in this area.

Consideration should be given to the following factors when selecting a washing machine connector that meets the requirements of your appliance.

  • Durability. A washing machine connector will oftentimes receive strain throughout its lifetime – which means that it needs to be durable enough to prevent leaks. The last thing you want is to walk down to your laundry room and find it flooded. A top notch sealant is important.
  • Material. All of our washing machine connectors at Westside Wholesale are made from stainless steel, avoiding the problem of corrosion and withstanding water pressure. Not only that, these connectors will last long, saving you money.
  • Ease of installation. In most cases it is not necessary to hire a professional to install a washing machine connector because they are very simple to install, not requiring special skills or equipment. If, however, you’re not comfortable with installing this on your own you can hire a specialist to do so. Keep in mind that this will cost you money – money that you could save my installing it on your own.
  • Reliability. All products stocked by Westside Wholesale offer a high degree of reliability and come complete with manufacturers warranties for your peace of mind.

Westside Wholesale stocks a wide range of washing machine connectors manufactured by Fluidmaster. Fluidmaster is a well-known company in the plumbing supplies industry, delivering products to a high standard in order to meet your plumbing needs.

Expert advice can be taken on any of the washing machine connectors offered at Westside Wholesale. This is just a simple matter of connecting to one of our online experts via our website. Whatever product you choose you can be sure that it will give you many years of use.