Water Pressure Regulators

Watts 2 1/2 LFN223M2-B

Watts 2 1/2 LFN223M2-B

Watts Valve, 2 1/2" Pressure Regulator NPT Threaded Female Inlet x NPT Threaded Female Outlet - Lead Free

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How to Select

How to Shop for Water Pressure Regulators

Water Pressure Regulators automatically reduce or cut off the flow of high pressure to a certain pressure level. Westside Wholesale has a large range of pressure regulators. People can find the best residential models to high capacity and robust commercial products, and also efficient iron agricultural valves, and other products at very affordable prices. Various models are also available. Customers can find any leading industrial brand at Westside Wholesale. They also can provide a solution for any kind of pressure regulator requirement.

These factors should be considered before any purchase:

  • Water pressure Control. Most of the time when there is a fluctuation in water pressure the water enters into the machines or appliances, especially at industrial area. Often the pressure needs to be controlled and keep it within its range to avoid damages to machines, or avoid accidents concerning conduits/burst pipes. A single-stage water pressure regulator is enough to control high pressure. Water pressure regulators are a valve that control and lessen the water pressure. This particular valve slows down the pressure to certain safe level. High water pressure causes a lot of plumbing problems, and dealing such problems requires time and energy. Therefore, using high quality water pressure regulators reduces the risk and damages and helps you keep your home damage free.
  • Water Pressure Regulator. The EB-45 water pressure valve contains half-cartridge design, which offers performance of the top cartridge supporting valve as well as traditional regulator. It comes with an industrial unit set at 45 psi. The water pressure can be adjusted to 10 to 70 psi. It is easy to install and easy to use.
  • Easy Adjustment. This valve contains numerical indicator and suitable twist-cap in orange color that helps to control water pressure, and it is easy to install. It is a single-cartridge design contains very few parts with high reliability. It is easy to repair, as it does not require removing the valve cover. It is one of the best and innovative designs that reduce the water whistle related with PRVs.
  • How it Works. A water pressure regulator contains an adjustable spring methodology that regulates the water pressure. The valve reduces the pressure by constricting the high water flow.

Customers can find Watts brand at Westside because Westside Wholesale only sells top quality products by the best brands on the market.

If people are thinking of purchasing a water pressure regulator or replacing the old regular with a new model, Westside Wholesale makes this process very simple. People can find any model or any brand at Westside Wholesale. Replacing an old regulator with a new one is also very simple because most manufacturers do not change the size or shape of the regulators, so the new model can easily fit in the place of old regulator.