Watts Check Valves

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Watts 1 007M1-QT

Watts 1 007M1-QT

Watts Double Check Valve Assembly - Bronze, 1"

Our Price: $112.51

Watts 1/2 007 QT

Watts 1/2 007 QT

Watts Double Check Valve Assembly - Bronze, 1/2"

Our Price: $134.73
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How to Select

How to shop for Check Valves

Check valves are often a common part of any household item, but they are of less importance while purchasing this essential commodity. Imagine the check valves that have fixed in the water system, leaks contaminated water in the regular domestic water cycle and that will certainly irritate people. Entry of bad water may lead to the spread of water borne diseases.

Why to give space to such health hazards? It's better to think twice and check -in for good quality valves. To help to choose the best product, Westside Wholesale offers, check valves of exceptional quality and performance. These check valves are engineered by leading manufactures so customers can side away their worries on fixing a good check valve for their water system.

Choosing a perfect check valve suiting need, is of prime importance and Westside Whole sale will be happy assisting people in this process.

The following factors should be considered while choosing a check valve:

  • Body Construction. The body cast of the valve should a pivotal role in selection. Since the check valves are used in water system, the casting should be made of good quality metal that resists corrosion. Good metal casting ensures it exists for lifetime causing no hindrance after fixation.
  • Replaceable. Consider if the parts that come in with valves are replaceable after some years of its service. If the parts were not replaceable, then it would be tougher for you to fix it. So better check if it has replaceable seats and seat discs for purchase.
  • Ease of installment. A good product should support easy installment. It should not steal your time and or call for technicians to install it. Make sure the check valve is installation friendly and doesn't steal much from customers pocket to be taken as installation charges.
  • Better protection. This factor is of prime importance. A good quality check valve should be able to provide good protection against back siphoning and backpressure flow to ensure smooth flow of water. Besides this, the product should check the reverse flow of water from entering into the potable water system. Not all check valves in market offers good protection against these measures.
  • Compact design. Anything that is compact occupies less space, and it fits for the check valves too. Don't go for a gigantic check valves that may occupy considerable space of the water system. Customers can get available of brands at Westside like Flotec and Watts.

The people who want best quality can choose shopping at Westside, as Westside provides preference to only quality brands and also gives advantages like discount and free gifts for some particular products. So always that’s better to choose Westside for the happy shopping.