Watts Pressure Relief Valves

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Watts 3/4 100XL 150

Watts 3/4 100XL 150

Watts Self-Closing Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve, Bronze - 3/4"

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Watts 3/440XL150210

Watts 3/440XL150210

Watts Automatic Reseating Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve - Bronze, 3/4"

Our Price: $94.99
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How to Select

How to shop for Pressure Relief Valves

In any type of gas or heating system, it is recommended and very important to have a pressure relief valve. It helps to maintain the temperature and pressure of the systems like water heating applications. It also provides safety measures to ensure stable operation. It is important to release the excess pressure from the system because this keeps the system from overloading. Now-a-days automatic pressure relief valves are installed to give protection 24/7.

Westside Wholesale provides a wide range of valves, with specifications to meet customer requirements and give relief from pressure releasing problems. Experts at Westside Wholesale can assist in the selection of the correct valve.

These are the following factors to be considered while purchasing:

  • Vertical Position. Check whether the valve can be placed in a vertical position or not, because placing the valve in an inappropriate position will make the valve performance very poor and also tends towards leakage of the seal.
  • Percentage of seal Leakage. Pressure relief valves have many numbers of configuration of seals. Usually most of the valves are made of metal and this permits a certain amount of leakage. There are some methods to test the tightness of the seal and rates of leakage. Rates will be defined through the category of pressure and also the size of the valve and also by its range. Range of the valve should be within 20 – 100 bubbles/minute. The pressure rating should be 90%.
  • Service. Just checkout how the service is there, because services vary due to installation, condition and what type of valve used in. Maintenance will be in less time for the corrosive valve.
  • Cost and Manufacturers Guarantee. Westside Wholesale offers these items at an affordable price range. The pressure valves also come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. A professional team will guide the customer to ensure the correct valve is selected. A discount of 10% is also offered to the customers, who buy the items in bundles.

Customers shopping for pressure relief valve will be served with units manufactured by a respected and quality manufacturer, Watts. The experts at Westside Wholesale are always ready to solve any questions customers might have, regarding installation as well as any questions in regards to water heating applications, their installation and cost.