Westgate Mfg. Electrical Transformers

Westgate Mfg. ODX-1000
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Westgate Mfg. ODX-1000
Westgate Mfg. Electrical Transformer, 1000W 12/24V Electronic Outdoor w/ PRI Timer
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About Westgate Mfg. Electrical Transformers

The Westside Wholesale offers the best electrical transformers by the Westgate Mfg. These are step down transformers that can convert energy in electrical circuits from high to low rates, which is achieved by the processes of inductivity. Designed in the black color, these items are of the most suitable technical details, features and specifications for household and commercial use.

Westgate Mfg. ODX-1200 and Westgate Mfg. ODX-1000 are also of the most suitable prices for such sorts of electrical equipment, with the most reliable specifications. Electrical transformers are priced at just 279.99$, and the option of free shipping is also available.


  • Output voltage rates in table chart with 120VAC are applied and fully loaded.
  • Enclosure temperature is less likely to exceed 65°C in a 40°C ambient.
  • The actual transformer (xxxVA) is installed in the enclosure.
  • Dimmable nature with all dimmers which provide symmetrical forms of the current.
  • Input leads: 16 or 18 AWG; output leads: 12 AWG.
  • Use a class B (130°C) system.
  • Manual reset thermal 2A or 3A on the primary side, 6A breaker on the secondary side.
  • Wiring compartment is provided 2 or 3 knockouts (3/4 inch screw cable connectors).
  • The wiring cover is provided with rivets and can be opened vertically bottom-top.
  • The enclosures are NEMA 3R rated.
  • The devices are UL listed. UL file number is E194005.
  • All electrical devices come with 6” wire length.
  • Boost tap can increase output by 10% and make it run longer.

Why the Westgate Electrical Transformers Are Better?

  • Designed in black color;
  • Safe, reliable, enable bright illumination in the outdoor elements;
  • A built-in photo eye system control;
  • Simple installation;
  • Easy to use interface;
  • Highly durable polymer construction;
  • High-end and trusted items from the Westgate;
  • Digital, 1200W/1000W, 12V/24V transformers with PRI timers;
  • 2-year limited warranty through the manufacturer.

Electrical transformers by the Westgate Mfg. are the best choice on this market. Available in stock of our online store, these products can be quickly delivered once the order is processed. The Westside Wholesale offers the most affordable equipment for the customers. The number of positive feedbacks from the clients is the best evidence of that our online store is trusted and reliable.

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