Westgate Mfg. Light Bulbs

Westgate Manufacturing has been providing clients with a considerable variety of electrical and lighting equipment for more than 35 years. The firm’s aim is to produce profitable, convenient and highly reliable output. Westgate Mfg has become internationally known for offering lighting fixtures and supplementary items for outdoor area, different kinds of lamps (including flood, path, spot, underwater pond lights), dimmers, switches, bulbs and cables, electrical fittings and other gears. Due to constant technological and management development Westgate Manufacturing is able to create first-rate goods, making all consumers’ requirements.

The types of Westgate Mfg. LED Light Bulbs introduced to the market are:

  • A19 Series: A cool white light for users’ purposes. The company provides customers with an interesting design and high quality. These bulbs are cost-efficient and easy to use.
  • Candelabra Series: Producing a warm white light. Clear glass is offered for consumers. The image of Candelabra bulbs adds some historical atmosphere to the interior.
  • LED COB Series: Dimmable from 10% to full brightness. The items do not cause eyes fatigue as there is no flickering. Only dry locations are possible. These bulbs resemble conventional halogens in lighting aspects.
  • MR16 Series: Easy to replace. These bulbs are cost-effective, having a long life. The product does not emit any infra-red or ultraviolet radiation. The color varies from 3000K (warm white) to 5000K (cool white). One of the characteristics is excellent heat dispersion.
  • PAR Series: Including 20, 30 and 38 series. PAR Series are approved by UL. The application of PAR20 is a landscape accenting, artwork, mood and architectural lighting (with cool and warm white colors). PAR30 provide various white types: warm and cool as well. 5 or 7 LEDs may be chosen. PAR38 give a white color from 3000K to 5500K, offering 7 or 12 LEDs in an item.
  • Quartz Metal Halide Series: Offering a long life. These bulbs perfectly suit industrial and commercial property. When being interrupted Metal Halide lamps need some time to restore full brightness.

Every product manufactured by Westgate is UL certified for functioning in damp conditions and has an ENERGY STAR label. Moreover, all the mentioned bulbs are dimmable. The company guarantees an excellent quality of goods and provides fine after-sale service.

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Westgate Mfg. MVR175/U/MED

Westgate Mfg. MVR175/U/MED

Westgate Mfg. Light Bulb, 175W Medium Base Metal Halide

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Westgate Mfg. MVR250/U

Westgate Mfg. MVR250/U

Westgate Mfg. Light Bulb, 250W Mogul Base Metal Halide

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How to Select

How to select Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are the most essential parts of any lighting fixture that is why you need to pay additional attention when selecting them. The following guide will help you make the best choice among hundreds of options that exist today.

The first choice that you need to make is the lighting technology used for light bulb creation. Here are the most common types that exist today:

  • Fluorescent bulbs. Such type efficient and long-lasting and is traditionally used with residential and commercial ceiling fixtures.
  • CFL bulbs. This is the type of compact fluorescent lamps that use a mixture of gases to illuminate the area. Such bulbs are able to retain their heat and thus light when heated, this is why they provide more light while using the same amount of energy.
  • Incandescent Bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are the oldest and least efficient type of light bulb that is still commonly used because of its low and affordable price. Such light bulbs spend 30-40% more energy than fluorescent and in addition to that have a shorter life.
  • LED bulbs. Are the most efficient, reliable and long-lasting bulbs that exist today. The LED technology emits light while electrical charge passes through the bulb. The scope of LED bulbs is wider than you think; they are used in most of the residential, commercial and even industrial light fixtures.
  • Halogen bulbs. This type of bulb is the closest you will ever get to sun light. It offers a natural colored light that is very similar the one produced by sun. Such light bulbs are mostly used for decoration purposes.

After the type of your future light bulb is specified, you need to consider its shape. The shapes that are present at today’s market include a-line, spiral, globe, candle, tube, bullet and other. Each shape has benefits and fits particular light fixtures and installations.

Bulb base should also be considered before you buy the item. The best way to know if the base is compatible with the lamp or the fixture is to look for specifications of such device and compare them with the bulb’s description.

Wattage and color temperature of a light bulb should also be considered. Knowing the wattage of each bulb installed in each fixture will help you plan your budget and, surprisingly enough spend less money and energy. Color temperature or the light’s color only depends on your personal preferences. It is possible to find bulbs of every type with warm or cool colors; you only need to look for such information in the light’s description.