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Cooper RF9500SG

Cooper RF9500SG

Cooper Wireless Dimmer, Aspire RF Battery Operated Switch - Silver Granite

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A good house cannot go without a good lighting system—otherwise we are doomed to walk around in complete darkness. Can you imagine? It would be funny pictures because we would be bumping into objects, feeling helpless and stranded. With that being said, we need to admit that utilizing light on a regular basis is a necessity. The modern lighting industry has a rich variety of lighting to offer such as light bulbs, lighting systems, LED lights, rope lights, lamps, chandeliers and so on.

Wireless Dimmers

The truth of the matter is that lighting devices all require light switches. Aside from the traditional switches that are on the market today, the lighting industry offers us a wide range of lighting switches to be used with modern technology. The latest technological breakthrough that we all may enjoy using every single day is wireless dimmer switches.

Wireless Dimmers vs. Standard Lighting Switches

The standard lighting switches operate as we turn them on and off while wireless lighting can help to eliminate all the hassle. Another great wireless dimmers option is a high level of energy saving capacities. The traditional lighting switches make use interrupt our weekend relaxation on the couch or enjoying watching TV.

Whether we realize it not, standard lighting switches can create an unnecessary distraction, making us move around the house in a hope of avoiding additional electrical charges. Another important element that one should consider is the safety of standard lighting switches in comparison with wireless dimmers. As a matter of fact, regular lighting switches do have very limited safety. If the outer housing comes off, it reveals the wiring circuit, posing a great risk on the health of all household members.

Additional Benefits and Specs

Additional benefit of wireless dimmers includes the appealing look to match the design of the interior. Interior wireless system is capable to provide a full remote control over lighting inside the house. Installation of wireless dimmer is pretty simple and can be done fast DIY.

The wireless dimmers come at a very affordable price and are a completely worthwhile investment. In order to install a wireless switch, use a wireless lighting kit sold online at an affordable price in our 24/7 online store. Keep in mind that we will ship your order fast and free.