Wireless Lighting Accessories

Westside Wholesale presents wireless lighting accessories that can enhance the wireless lighting systems in any house. With accessories from Westside Wholesale the wireless systems acquire bigger functionality.

Lutron EA-REP-WH is a signal repeater for RadioRA system. The coverage area is 2500 sq.ft. This is the distance where the device can master switches, dimmers and etc. Homeowners acquire it to enlarge the range of system when they install wireless lighting in bigger houses. Beep and Flash modes of the device is necessary to check RF communication between the participants of the network. The users will be able to switch on and off lights from any place of the house and from the outside area.

Acquire Lutron RA-IR to use RadioRa system for learning home theatre remote and for lighting control. This is a brand new communication technology that works to enhance your lifestyle. One can go to bed and switch off everything in a huge house with a single button. Use the button “All on” to deter the trespasser in your house. The system is easily customized according to your needs. There are 15 programmable scenes in the Lutron RadioRa Infrared Interface.

Lutron RA-SCI is a RasioRa switch closure interface that homeowners use for control of external equipment. The device gives the possibility to connect standard devices to the system.

Customers buy Lutron RA-RC-3 when they want to control the lighting system from the telephone interface. Using this feature one will be able to control lighting in his house from any place of the world.

Lutron RA-DZS-200A-24 with astronomical time clock interface is easy for installation at your house without rewiring. It uses sunrise and sunset times to control the lighting. It has multifunction entry master control and RadioRa Switch Closure Interface. This device is UL listed.

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How to Select

How to select Wireless Lighting Accessories

Why switch every lighting fixture in your house on/off manually when there’s a controller that can perform this job for you? This is a question that you have to answer to if you are looking for wireless lighting control options to install in your home or office. The following guide will help you learn about the factors that should be considered in order to select a perfect controlling device for each lighting fixture.

The first thing that you need to do is specify the purpose of the wireless lighting controllers. You may need them to perform such simple tasks as turning the lights on and off, or to look for more complex devices that can dim the lights and change the color of their light. When the purpose of a controller is specified, it is much easier to find suitable options.

Wireless lighting accessories are details that you will definitely need when installing the controllers. The most essential of such accessories are the signal repeaters, time clocks and digital interfaces.

The most important detail of a signal repeater is the area that its signal covers. If you have a big house or office, make certain that a device that you select will be able to cover the area where your lighting devices are installed. In addition to that, ensure that such device is compatible with the lighting fixtures, dimmers and switches that are part of the wireless control system.

The perfect time clock device should also be compatible with the lights and lighting fixtures that you are willing to control. Moreover, it should feature simple and easy-to-use switches.

Finally, when looking for wireless lighting interfaces, it is important to consider such factors as the number of lighting fixtures, their operating modes and the areas where they are installed. Besides, don’t forget to check that the interface that you select won’t interact with other radio devices installed in the building.

Why do I even need to install wireless lighting controls? If you enjoy spending your precious time on switching the lights in the entire house or office manually and have nothing else you could spend it on, you don’t need to even consider installing wireless lighting controls. If, however, you are tired of performing the tasks described above manually, wireless controllers will change your life.

How much money does it take to install wireless lighting controls? The better part of the money that you will spend on such installation comes to the controller and the interface. If you will hire someone to install the controllers for you, you will also have to pay them for the job.