Lutron Wireless Lighting Control Kits

Lutron AR-ENT-1-IV

Lutron AR-ENT-1-IV

Lutron AuroRa Wireless Lighting Control System, 5-Wireless Light Dimmers w/ Inserts - Ivory

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How to Select

How to select Wireless Lighting Control Kits

Equipping your home or office’s lighting system with wireless controls offers multiple benefits that you could enjoy. Such control kits ensure that all of the lighting fixtures provide a safe and correct operation without your direct participation. In addition to that, wireless lighting controls reduce maintenance costs and offer energy-efficient modes of operation. Westside Wholesale has prepared a guide that will help you select the best kit to fit your needs.

The first thing that you need to do is determine the lighting fixtures that require wireless controls. These may be the devices from a particular room or the entire building, but they have to be connected into one system. To know if the lighting fixtures installed in your house comply with the requirements of the wireless control kit that you are about to order, compare their characteristics and ensure that they match.

The next step when selecting wireless lighting control kits is specifying the features that you want such controls to offer. For example, you might look for kits with one or two switches or the ones that offer multiple modes of operation in addition to a simple on/off switch. Pay attention to the features of the kit and consider if you really need them, since the more complex the wireless control system is the higher is its price.

After the wireless lighting controls have been selected, you might still have some questions about their operation and maintenance. The following answers will provide you with more information.

Why do I need to install a wireless lighting control system in the house?

Installing such system is not a mandatory requirement; however, having your lights equipped with wireless controls makes your life much easier. Imagine that when evening comes you have to turn on each lamp in every room of the house manually. This probably happens every day if you own a big house. Now imagine how much energy and time you would save if you had a remote control to perform this job for you. A single button can control all lights in the house, their brightness and time of operation; all you have to do is program the system in a way that works best for you.

What are the benefits of installing wireless lighting controls in a house?

In addition to increasing the overall comfort, wireless lighting controls can help you save energy by automatically switching off the lamps and lighting devices that you don’t want or need to operate. You can program the system in a way that will turn the lamps on only if you or your family members are in the room.