Lutron Wireless Lighting Master Controllers

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Lutron RALB-5W-AO-WH-P

Lutron RALB-5W-AO-WH-P

Lutron RadioRA 5 Button Master Control with All On/All Off Wall Control - White

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How to Select

How to select Wireless Lighting Master Controllers

Controlling all of the lighting devices installed in your home or office can be time consuming. Not only that, it can consume a lot of energy as well. Well, just imagine that you can control all of your lighting devices with the help of a single device. Your life would become a lot easier, wouldn’t it?! The following guide will help you select the perfect lighting controller to suit your needs.

The first detail to pay attention to when selecting a wireless lighting controller is the number of features it has to offer. It is always nice to have various modes of operation, in addition to a simple on/off switch. Consider all of the features that a controller offers and think if you really need them. For example, such a device may change the brightness of each lighting fixture in order to create a special mood in the room or entire house. Additionally, your future lighting controller may automatically switch the devices on or off at a given time—it’s up to you. Needless to say that each feature adds to the price of the device so consider each option before you proceed to check out.

The next details to pay attention to are the control options themselves. They have to be comprehensive and simple to use or you will have hard time programming the operation of your lighting fixtures. In addition to that, ensure that your wireless controller has replaceable batteries that can be found in any hardware store.

Finally, before you select a lighting controller, it’s important to ensure that they are compatible with the lighting devices and the line’s requirements. Such information can be found in the description of the item.

Even after all of these factors are considered, you might still have some questions about wireless lighting controllers, such as these below.

What are the benefits of equipping your lighting system with wireless controllers?

Such controllers offer reliable and, most importantly, automatic operation of each lighting fixture and device that is installed in your house. This means that you won’t have to spend your time and energy to adjust the brightness of the fixtures or switch the lights in every room manually.

How much money does it take to install wireless lighting controllers in a house?

The amount of money that you will spend on such installation depends on the controllers’ price and whether you have all of the necessary mounting equipment. Usually, the wireless controller kit already includes the equipment and mounting accessories. Moreover, if you are planning to hire a professional to perform the installation for you, you will spend some money to pay him.