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Leviton 6613-PLT

The ABCs of 1, 2, 3 & 4-Way Light Switches


People have different preferences in for their home lighting. Some prefer a more dimly lit home, while others relish a brighter lights. Others like options, such as light in the morning, but dim at night while watching a movie. For those that like to mix up the lighting in their home, dimmer switches are a must-have. Here’s a quick overview of different types of light dimmer switches so that you can decide which is most suitable for lighting your home.

1 Way (Single Pole) Configurations:

These dimmer switches have just one switch (pole) but can be used for multiple locations. This light switch will allow you to control the brightness of your home with just one switch which you can adjust.

2 Way, 3 Way and 4 Way Configurations:

These light dimmer switches can be controlled from two different locations within a room or home. With 2 way and 3 way dimmer switches, you generally tap the switch to turn the light on or off, and hold down the dimmer to dim or brighten the lights in a room. 2 way light dimmers are technically 3 way dimmers (though both names are used). All of these types of dimmer switches will allow you to control the lighting in a room from at least two locations.

Multi-Way Dimmers:

Multi-way dimmers allow you to control the brightness of your home from four or more locations in the home.

The dimmer switches offered by Westside Wholesale have an abundance of options, styles and variety to meet your needs. 12v-120v are available, with wattage ranging from 300W to 1000W. We are proud to offer dimmer switches manufactured by some of the leading manufacturers of lighting and lighting accessories including: Lutron, Leviton, Cooper and WattStopper.