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Jandy Timer Switches, presented in this category of Westside Wholesale, are often used with Aqua and Pool control systems. Such Switches are compatible with pool and spa applications and have the following features:

  • High quality energy controls;
  • Up-to-the-minute programming accuracy;
  • Safe access to timer buttons;
  • LED light indicator that shows timer’s details;
  • Power failure memory;
  • Up to 30 minute intervals can be preset to control the devices during the day;
  • Compatible with filtration pumps;
  • Automatic equipment operation;
  • Manufacturer warranty.

Maintaining a pool or a spa application may seem like a difficult thing to do, especially when using conventional pumps and filters without timer switches. Jandy Timer Switches are designed to make this process easier and more convenient. Here are the advantages of installing such timers for your water devices:

  • Jandy Timer Switches reduce installation costs while providing all of the electrical requirements for any spa and pool application of your house;
  • When used with pool pumps, Jandy Timer Switches maximize pump efficiency while saving energy at the same time. This results in saving money on monthly and yearly energy bills;
  • Timer switches allow programming flexible working schedules for each device and thus save time and effort on maintaining pool and spa applications. No need to manually turn the devices ON and OFF;
  • Easy and comprehendible installation can be performed by any contractor or a person that knows what to do with a screwdriver.

Westside Wholesale offers manufacturer warranty for Jandy Timer Switches. Here’s what you’ll also be able to get when purchasing items from Westside Wholesale:

  • Affordable wholesale prices and often sales;
  • Up to 10% discount for multiple orders;
  • Fast and free shipping for orders bought in a bundle;
  • Rewarding points that can be used for future purchases;
  • Extra 5% off for pallet orders;
  • Same day shipping if ordered before 2pm;
  • Great customer service and positive reviews of hundreds of content clients.
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