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Air King Bathroom Fans offered at Westside Wholesale provide multiple benefits for every room they are installed in. Such fans become the best option for people who are looking for powerful and efficient ventilation with low sound level and affordable price. Innovative design and high quality materials of Air King Bathroom Fans offer easy and quick installation. Equipping your bathroom with proper ventilation device has never been easier.

The Air King model line presented at Westside Wholesale includes such devices as simple bathroom fans, fans with fluorescent lights and heaters and fans with one or two bulb lamp heaters. Such wide selection of bathroom fans can satisfy the needs of most demanding and picky customers.

Each device manufactured by Air King and offered at Westside Wholesale has adjustable hanging brackets that fit a 4” duct. This feature ensures easy and secure installation and completed with electronically balanced blower wheels assures soundless operation at maximum speeds. Air King Bathroom Fans can also be installed in kitchens helping maintain proper ventilation and hygiene.

Since excessive vapor and moisture damage the walls and appliances in the room, every bathroom requires proper ventilation after a person takes a bath or a shower. The simplest and most cost efficient way to take care of a bathroom is installing a fan that will dispose of unwanted moisture. To provide each customer with a functional and reliable device Westside Wholesale offers Air King Bathroom Fans.

Because Air King Bathroom Fans are made from high quality durable plastic, such devices offer noiseless and reliable performance for many years to come. In addition, offered at Westside Wholesale models don’t require special tools during installation, allow simple wiring without the need to remove inner parts of the device and comply with UL standards. Providing a bathroom with proper environment has never been easier, all you have to do is order an Air King Fan from Westside Wholesale and install it in the room.

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