Air King Kitchen Range Hoods & Bathroom Fans

Air King Kitchen Range Hoods & Bathroom Fans

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Air King manufactures a solid line of high-quality ventilation products for residential and industrial applications alike. The company believes that improving air quality in a space improves comfort, convenience, as well as the health of inhabitants. For over 40 years, Air King had created innovative products, most recently in the line of energy efficient fans and hoods that have made the brand an Energy Star partner of the year.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of Air King products, including their many lines of range hoods. These span from wall-mounted, under-cabinet, and chimney range hoods to innovative ductless range hoods. Air King also offers a line of Energy Star-certified range hoods (ducted only) that offer impressive energy efficiency for discerning homeowners. Other top-quality fine Air King products available at Westside Wholesale include lamp heaters, indoor timers, portable fans, and bathroom fans.

Air King is also known for their reputation for long-lasting dependability. This is why the brand offers warranties on its products that are very comprehensive, especially when compared to its competitors. Many of these warranties include a professional installation provision in order to qualify for the warranty, however, so be sure to work with certified contractors when installing your Air King range hood or fan.

If you want to order or have any questions about Air King fans, blowers, or range hoods, don't hesitate to contact a member of the Westside Wholesale team. We'll make sure your Air King ventilation product is ideal for your installation and will improve the air quality of your home or job site.

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