Air King Kitchen Range Hoods

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About Air King Kitchen Range Hoods

Westside Wholesale is proud to carry Air King kitchen range hoods, as this company offers some of the finest ventilation products in the industry. An effective range hood means the successful removal of airborne grease, fumes, odors, smoke, steam, heat and much more from the kitchen's air. With Air King, range hoods, liners, blowers and other ventilation products for kitchens of many sizes and functions can be found at reasonable prices. Air King is also well-known for offering one of the biggest selections of ENERGY STAR certified range hoods, which meet EPA standards for energy-efficiency.

Air King kitchen range hoods fall under two configurations, ducted (vented) and ductless. Ducted applications mean that the range hood connects to a system that connects to outside of the building. Whereas in ductless range hoods, air is cycled through a filter to remove smoke and other particles.

Many of Air King's kitchen range hoods feature built-in lighting, including halogen, fluorescent and incandescent options, for your convenience. Westside Wholesale also makes it easy to filter our options by color, size and duct size so that you can easily find the appropriate ventilation solution for your kitchen.

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