Fantech Air Purifiers

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About Fantech Air Purifiers

WestsideWholesales presents Fantech air purifiers that work flawlessly thanks to Fantech HEPA filter. Those who care about indoor air quality at home apply to us to WestsideWholesales for Fantech replacement filters.

It is a great solution to add to a heating system in the house. Some clients use the filtration system independently. The system is taken to the attic, closet or some other space to serve the household. Use it with a furnace system to provide air treatment for the rooms.

The Fantech HEPA filter can provide filtration every hour for accommodations up to 2200 square feet. It will take more time to change air in a big house. The series of three filters can captivate dust mite, mold, cooking odors and other particles that spoil the air in your house. The prefilter serves to accumulate the biggest particles, then the carbon filter absorbs odors. They stay there because of the chemical reaction. Forming a chemical bond with carbon they stay in the filter

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