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ALFI brand has created high-quality, sleekly designed kitchen and bath products for a wide-range of budgets and applications. It's a family-owned company that cites high environmental standards and unique designs as two pillars of its successful business model. Westside Wholesale is an authorized dealer of ALFI brand products and we're proud to carry such a well-regarded leader in the industry.

The ALFI brand collection available in the Westside Wholesale store includes bathroom and kitchen sinks, bathtubs, shower heads, and much more. These bath and kitchen products are made from some of the finest materials available. For instance, the fireclay used in many of ALFI brand sinks is imported from Israel and Italy. This fireclay is tough and can stand up to the toughest applications and ALFI brand coats it with a protective glaze for safety and durability purposes.

The company's innovative approach to bathroom fixtures is another aspect that has made the ALFI brand so successful. It has created sleek, eye-catching shower heads with innovative designs that fit in many bathrooms. Another innovative product is ALFI brand's LED Rain shower heads, which create a lovely mood in the shower. Plus, these ALFI brand faucets and shower heads use an ultra-thin stainless steel material that is both durable and appealing.

If you have any questions about ALFI brand kitchen or bath products, feel free to contact a member of the Westside Wholesale team. We sort our selection by a range of attributes to help you narrow down the products you need and our staff can help you figure out if the product you want is a good match for your bathroom set-up. We strongly recommend ALFI brand for a range of residential applications that could use a uniquely beautiful and functional product.

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