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About Amcor Shower Heads

Nowadays, it seems that bathroom plays one of the most important roles in the house. Therefore, it needs to be filled up with modern bathroom accessories, supplies and devices. Westside Wholesale offers functional and stylish showerheads from Alsons manufacturing company with affordable prices.

Variety of styles: today Alsons offers hundreds of distinct choices from full-spray Alsons 696 3710 BX to shower arms like Alsons 693 3710 BX. All that units vary from classic Alsons 45 C PK showers to premium, high-end Alsons 696 3110 BX showers that can all be selected from a wide array of functions, styles and finishes made to personalize a homeowner’s bathroom.

The In2ition series: Alsons 6466 C 3110 BX hand-held is a good alternative that offers the hand-held shower and the fixed shower head in one. The hand shower is easily removed and simply slips into position. Forget about complications a three-way diverter for a full-body shower experience.

Contemporary fixed-mount hand-helds: With a simple turn of a Alsons 1545 3110 BX level the water flow will be redirected from the fixed shower head to the hand shower or both at the same time. The hand shower includes two massage options that can be also turned on with a flick of a lever.

Corresponding standards: Alsons line of Performance PLUS Savings shower heads is quickly making the mark. Brilliance stainless steel Alsons 689 3810 BX features 81 nozzles, and a solid brass joint connector. All the standards are referred to US WaterSense, which is a partnership program sponsored by the EPA that helps preserve world water resources. This partnership project shows the customer care that an Alsons does.

Fair share of the classic series: European style arm-mount such as Alsons 45 C PK shower heads have been selling since last ten years with increasing demand. Abiding by the company's tradition of excellence, a typical wall bars like Alsons 1508 KC BX becomes innovative and reliable. Thus, their line of premium oil rubbed bronze Alsons 1508 K 3710 BX shower heads offer luxury that no other manufacturer can match.

Futuristic shower systems: overall, after more than fifty years of unrelenting work Alsons reworking their shower heads in contemporary design. Low-profile Alsons 682 3110 BX is still the best there it is. Users should never walk through Alsons 688 3110 BX design in satin nickel finishing.

Westside Wholesale offers patented Amcor massage shower head for reasonable price. It is the finest value in this type of bathroom fixtures. As the world’s largest packaging company, Amcor delivers wide array of goods and products in most common areas of life: from food delivery and medical care to bathroom fixtures. That’s why we introduce Rainfall 2-in-1 hand held Amcor V23532 shower head.

Personal and Home Care: Amcor offers exclusive and innovative solutions in replacing or remodeling bathroom that are both stylish and convenient in use. The core values of the company’s policy are the foundation of health and body care. The trust in the product quality is built on their relationships with direct suppliers and clients.

Eco-friendly technologies: until Amcor shower heads are powerful and using contemporary technologies each unit responds to the needs of communities and the environment. Experience of the products benefits is based on knowing that they are safe, clean, fresh and secure. It also means Westside Wholesale offers the qualitative products with manufacturer’s warranty that protect and enhance the products that homeowners use every day.

Wide range of properties: Amcor’s customers rely on a global expertise and local knowledge of how-to-do the shower heads. Starting from self-cleaning rubber ends on the cast brass head and moving to wall-mount function with using bracket this unit involves the attention of residence owners in our catalogue. Amcor V23532 Pan Shower system is finished with chrome-plating and can be used both as fixed and as hand held shower head.

Extras: five unique settings, the shower spray, the massage function and the aeration system outperform the expectations of customers providing a variety of refreshing bath experiences. Finally, it is easy-to-install with diameter 4.5” and plastic bracket with solid brass connector.

Partnership and the loyalty program: at our web site the clients can find a lot of solutions for bathroom remodeling. Besides all Amcor is always looking for fresh ways to innovate products beyond its basic functionality. This manufacturer always tries to find the way to introduce end-to-end project management, from idea generation to manufacturing. To reinforce that Westside Wholesale offers affordable prices on products secured and protected by limited long life warranty.

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